A successful admission: what story should I tell for my nursing school personal statement

A successful admission: what story should I tell for my nursing school personal statement

June 15, 2020 Philosophy of Nursing Essay 0
A success story in the nursing school personal statement

Admission commissions are simply “littered” with documents of nursing school applicants with honors, gold medals, victories in olympiads, and other achievements. Everyone writes how strong he or she is and how eager to study to obtain a nursing degree. But how to choose among the thousands of profiles a dozen of those worthy of studying here?


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A nursing personal statement is probably the hardest thing you will ever have to write. Almost everyone who begins to write a personal statement for nursing school does it wrong.

Imagine five professors “locked up” in a room with 500 applications. Now think, what statement will catch their attention? That’s right – original, unpredictable, honest. 

So, you have a reasonable question: “What story should I tell for my nursing school personal statement?”. Let’s face this question together. 

The average size of a motivation letter is 300 words, but for some applicants, three dozens are enough to declare themselves.

What do professors want to know through your motivation letter? They want to understand the long-term career goals that future students pursue, what they want to achieve in life, how they can be useful to the university in society as a whole, and to see an irresistible desire to be a nursing worker. 

An exciting, short story written in a vibrant, dynamic language will help you get to know your best. The main thing is not to overdo it: avoid verbosity, cunning, and floridness in the text. Be yourself, but try to express your thoughts a little brighter, because gestures and facial expressions do not work during the application process.

Without the following points, your nursing school personal statement is unlikely to succeed.

  • 👓 Academic interest. In your story, you must show that the nursing industry is your passion. This is best done at the beginning of the nursing essay, picking up on the “hook” of your reader.
  • 🎓 Education. The logic, expressiveness, organization of the statement itself will demonstrate your intelligence. You can also demonstrate awareness in the latest news in the field of medicine.
  • 🏥 Readiness. Do not be afraid to use highly specialized medical terms that describe your achievements. Show a willingness to collaborate with teachers and other students. Tell about your preparations to become a successful nurse practitioner.
  • 🏢 Ability. Are you able to cope with all university tasks and withstand all the difficulties of the degree program? Write about it!
  • 🏫 Potential. Writing your nursing essay, remember that you must convince members of the selection committee that they will not regret accepting you for study. Give them compelling personal long-term goals. You will become an outstanding representative of an educational institution in the field of patient care. 
  • ✒️ Write succinctly, briefly, and, most importantly – correctly. Your future profession is related to the specifics, skills, and quality of the tasks related to health care, so keep all this in mind when writing a personal statement.
Letters of recommendations about your career in nursing can also help you. But remember, the admissions committee wants to find out who is hiding behind a mountain of similar documents that reach their consideration. The motivation letter should create a vivid idea of personality. 

What characterizes your character, ambition, sense of humor? Self-criticism, imagination, sociability? This is what you have to find out during the preparation of the story in the personal statement. 

Reading true stories of becoming a nurse may help you create your own story: workingnurse.com.

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