Accelerated nursing personal statement examples

Accelerated nursing personal statement examples

June 4, 2020 Nursing Personal Statement Writing 0
Accelerated nursing personal statement examples

The U.S. nursing degree program is top-rated. American registered nurses are the doctor’s right hand. In the USA, a nurse cares for a patient. There are many fewer patients per successful nurse; she receives a better education and has a high level of clinical thinking, not to mention knowledge of evidence-based medicine.


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At a particular stage in your life, you decide to go to an interest in nursing school. But you may encounter such a problem as writing a personal statement, which in some schools is a binding document. This is a standard process, and there is nothing to worry about. Why is this your application processes form necessary?

The school of nursing wants you to reveal yourself as a person, what is your peculiarity, and why exactly are you the unique candidate for training in their accelerated care program. Therefore, we want to help, what would notice you, and also point out those mistakes that should not be duplicated when writing.

📑 Guidelines for Writing a Personal Statement

  • You want your life to remain personal as much as possible, but at the same time, surprise the commission. How to do it? If there were unique stories in life when you saved the lives of people, tell us about them, so you have more chances to get on a specific program, and your career in nursing is guaranteed. You must be a strong candidate to compete with others.
  • In the selection, the commission pays attention to education. How did you study before? I think everyone taught biology at school. Focus on the fact that this is your favorite subject. 

Perhaps you have animals at home that you have given injections or people that you have provided first aid to. 

Also, check this out. Thus, you will find that you have many skills related to medicine. It happens that you know a lot about pills, discover this talent.

  • In your life, there is a practice of working in a hospital as a volunteer. Tell this story, so you confirm your skills and show yourself in a better light. Do not rule out the story, even when you worked in animal shelters, or looked after small children, so you emphasize again that you are ready for such a profession. Thanks to our tips, the admissions committee determine will be able to distinguish you from other candidates.
  • Try to read nursing personal statement examples as much as possible. It will help you organize your own ideas.

✒️ Example

Your goal is to write as best as possible about yourself, about your life goals.

Hello, my name is Anna. I live in America, graduated from high school, and then went to work. The work was connected with landscape design. 

But I understood that this did not satisfy me. Increasingly, I thought about how I want to help people. I also take care of those who cannot do this themselves, to be useful to them. 

And now, a new stage has come into my life. I decided to become a volunteer who is engaged in social work, and also participated in various studies related to medicine. Seeing my zeal for this work, once I was invited to be an assistant in a private medical clinic, where I helped with the documents. Thanks, letter of recommendation from the previous job, without difficulty was taken to a new one.

Thanks to this experience, I again realized that there is no better work experience in the field of medicine. I want to move on and study medicine. My dream is to get a bachelor of science.

After that, I voluntarily decided to work in the hospital, and they accepted me. There I realized that I wanted to be a nurse, this profession to be a good fit. And now I am writing your personal statement to your school, I want to combine experience and theory that being a nursing profession in my field is my cherished desire. Long term training suits me best.

A little more about me: I am a caring, friendly, cheerful girl and want to help others. Perhaps this is because I grew up in a large family where everyone helps each other. This is the goal of a lifetime to become part of health care.  I believe that thanks to your school I can build a career path.

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