Definition of what is a measurable goal in nursing

Definition of what is a measurable goal in nursing

April 30, 2020 Nursing Essay Writing 0
Definition measurable goal in nursing

With smart goals in nursing, you may construct your relevant and meaningful objectives to move in your career on. Setting smart goals is important in a stressful and busy healthcare environment. Let’s discuss how to generate your own objectives and show your smart nursing goals examples.

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β›³ What is a measurable goal in nursing?

The first step in continuous performance management is setting nursing career goals or SMART goals:

1. Specific: The target is supposed to cover a certain clearly-defined area which is easy and direct to understand.

What is a measurable goal in nursing? Let’s define it.

2. Measurable: The outcomes, indicating the time you achieve the target, are measurable.

3. Achievable: This target is challenging but specific, measurable, and achievable for your capabilities, resources, and skills. 

4. Relevant: These nursing goals support the wider needs of the organization, department or ward. 

5. Timely: There is a certain date when your nursing goals will be achieved.

πŸ“ How can SMART goals be utilized in nursing? 

Being a nurse, setting nursing goals is a must if you want to keep on your progress track and define the development framework. The nursing goal can help you stay motivated and concentrated when things get overwhelming and stressful. Doing this is necessary for such organizations as NHS where your responsibilities and skills are defined clearly at each level. Keeping track of your achievements and progress is a big plus if you want to move on in your nursing career.

It is important to set nursing goals for autonomous self-development. However, you can also begin a conversation with your clinical lead or manager to define further measurable nursing goals that you have never considered about.Β 

🎯 5 SMART goals examples in nursing

πŸ›‘οΈ Safety

I will utilize the ward policy instructions to build a hazard and staff safety checklist. Every staff nurse should check this list once per month on a rotating basis. I will complete it by the end of November and check whether other nurses completed it.

🀲 Patient Care

 I will hand over assessment notes, care instructions, and patient details to the next shift nurse when I complete my shift. I will do this earlier to make sure the specific instructions are followed and patient details are recorded. Besides, it will assist all nurses to build a rapport.

⌚ Efficiency

I will jot down my additional tasks to effectively use my time on duty. My time management will be improved and the work will be delegated efficiently.

βœ… Accuracy

 Leaving a patient, I will review my notes concerning our interaction. It will help me to remember important data before doing other nursing tasks.

πŸ“– Learning and development

I would like to attend a few workshops by the end of the year. Also, I will finish my nursing school in 2 years.

πŸ“Œ Tips to achieve nursing goals effectively

Tips to achieve nursing goals
  • Jot them down. If you jot the nursing goals down, it will make them more tangible and real. Besides, it will have to keep in mind all the details regarding the nursing goals.
  • Track them. When you track the progress, you will be able to stay on task and define what goals you have already achieved and which ones of them need to be set.
  • Celebrate small victories. It is important to note and celebrate the small victories apart from the big ones. Praise yourself when you reach a small goal and you will be more inspired to reach bigger goals.
  • Mind your own business. Do not try to compete with someone else. It is your journey so run your own race. The only person to compete with should be yourself.
  • Understand your motivations. Your motives should be inspiring and clear. They must fuel your fire to reach all of your nursing goals.

☯️ Conclusion

To sum up, setting nursing goals means making them measurable. It is difficult to reach a goal when it is too big and difficult. So it is recommended to reach your nursing goals step by step. Doing this you will keep your passion for your nursing work so that you will never burn out professionally. Love yourself and take care. If you do this, all your nursing goals will be achieved and you will be promoted. 

If you still wonder what is a professional goal in nursing, maybe, nursing job is not your passion as long as every nurses stay focused on achievable goals in certain time bound. The nursing career goals should be set by every nurse who thinks it is their calling. No matter whether these are short term, long term, or other term goals, a skill to set a goal is a must within certain time frames. So creating smart specific goal is essential if you want to succeed in acute care.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019
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