Don’t Worry About Your Personal Nursing Essay

Don’t Worry About Your Personal Nursing Essay

March 2, 2020 Nursing Essay Writing 0
Nursing Schools Personal Statemen

The desire to become a nurse and work in the healthcare sector is pretty laudable. This is an important and responsible profession, which requires special character traits: responsibility, empathy, readiness for self-sacrifice. All nursing schools select candidates based on their values ​​and priorities. This means that you have to create a terrific personal nursing application in order to get your unique place.

Of course, this paper itself does not guarantee you a successful result. It is only one part of your personal statement, but it really matters. The admission committee wants to know which person is behind the grades. With your paper, you can show that you really want to become a nurse. And why.

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Actually, there is no universal template to help you impress the admission committee. Each school and program is unique, has different values ​​and requirements. You can use the services of a writing company and order a personal statement for nursing graduate school. Our authors know exactly what will help you achieve your goals.

How to write a great paper to impress the committee?

The first thing you should pay a lot of attention to is self-organization. Nurses should be concentrated, be able to plan their work routine. Without these features, you cannot even write a decent paper. Here are some tips to write a great personal statement for nursing school.

Formulate a basic plan, but stay flexible

Although creating an essay outline takes less than an hour, a lot of applicants neglect this step. But this is what will create for you a certain framework to work in. This does not mean that your plan is carved in stone and you cannot move away from it. The sooner you start, the more flexible you will be.

Use the prompts

Most nursing programs offer applicants questions and tips. This is what will help you create a personal statement for each particular school. Read the essence of the assignment carefully in order to delve into it and provide the expected result.

Just get started

When you look at a blank sheet, you think you will never write something really amazing. But as soon as you transfer the very first sentence on paper, ideas come to your mind. Do not procrastinate, just start writing and you will see that this is actually not so difficult.

What Should Your Statement Be About?

Nursing Schools Personal Statemen tips

When you write a regular college essay, this is part of your learning process. But a statement for a nursing school is something more personal. This is the moment when you can change the past. You cannot correct your chemistry grade or make the results of standard tests different. But you can write a soulful essay showing your uniqueness. What you need to do is focus on the important details. What moments in your life show your destiny to become a nurse? Which challenges attract you? What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goals? These questions can be found in your application writing tips. Use them and always look deeper to create truly stunning paper.

Do you need a sample to get inspired?

Remember that personal statement for nursing school examples is not a panacea. You can write the same essay, but it will not bring you the expected result. Each school has its own approach to assessment, which may change annually. You can read this sample personal statement for nursing school to understand the general principle, but do not copy it.

Nursing Schools Personal Statemen sample 1
Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

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Nursing Schools Personal Statemen sample 2

First stages of the writing process

The first thing you need is a reliable plan. It is important for you to have a complete understanding of what you will write about. Make a list of characteristics that describe you and your character. Next, remember what examples are able to illustrate these features. Focus on what sets you apart from other students. List your achievements, difficulties that you had to face. Describe them using strong verbs. You will also need to talk about your interest in nursing.

Now, when you have all the facts, characteristics, and examples, you can organize this information, create several sections of your essay and distribute the data accordingly.

What story should I tell for my nursing school personal statement?

Try to imagine what other students are writing about. Most likely, all or most of them recall their childhood and how they played a nurse and a doctor. But this is not a true desire, something really important. If you write such a story, the admissions committee will not be impressed.

Be specific. Remember an example from your life that showed your concern for other people, volunteering, caring for children or the elderly. Describe how you felt while performing certain tasks. Another good idea is to write about how you see your mission. Be honest about that. Falsity and cliches are always very felt through the letter.

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Facts You Should Know About The Admission Writing Process

How long should be my paper for nursing school?

This criterion is specific to the school. Most programs ask you to write your application for 1-2 pages. But some of them give several questions, the answers to which should be addressed literally a few sentences.

What font should I use in the application essay?

This is another point that may vary by school and program. Fortunately, they generally do not offer any strict font requirements. But this does not mean that you can use Comic Sans MC or the like. Stay tuned for the standard Times New Roman or Arial. They do not distract attention from the essence of the text, they look familiar and professional. If you really want to stand out, highlight your headline.

How to write a personal statement for nursing graduate school?

Introduce yourself in the shoes of a member of the admissions committee. What do you want to read? Write a paper, thinking not only about yourself but also about your reader. Some things seem obvious to you, but other people need a more detailed explanation. Once you finish with the writing process, ask your friend or relative to read this text to hear an independent opinion.

What to look for in a good personal statement essay for nursing school?

Good paper always has a clear structure, strong and convincing sentences, as well as vivid illustrations. It should not contain typos or errors, spatial judgments, too personal thoughts, gag. This is the place where you can use epithets, metaphors, analogies: show that you know your personality, your strengths, and weaknesses. During proofreading, make sure that there are no moments in your essay that remain a mystery to readers. Do not forget about the clear and inspiring conclusion. Show that you hope to take your place in a particular school or the successful future of a nurse.


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