Example of nursing practitioner scholarship essay and overcoming problems

Example of nursing practitioner scholarship essay and overcoming problems

May 29, 2020 Nursing Essay Writing 0
Example of nursing practitioner scholarship essay

After school, each of us faces the challenge of getting a higher education. But in most cases it is expensive. If you want to succeed, then you should not focus on such a problem, because there are scholarships.

There are many applications for scholarships in higher education. Everyone will be required to write an essay to show why you need this scholarship. After all, everyone understands that this is the money that you do not need to return, but they are not given so quickly. It is essential that the nurse practitioner can write a good, exciting scholarship essay for nursing.


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Why do we need an essay contest? First of all, the commission wants to know why you chose the profession of a nurse and what is the benefit for them if they give you a degree. In this essay, you talk about yourself, your goals, aspirations. Perhaps the carers helped you apply for training at the university for nurses. And also tell how the scholarship affects the choice of profession. 

👍 Essentials for Writing an Essay at a University of Nursing

All essays should be pros and cons; in the end, there should be a conclusion. Check spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. But do not forget about the person. And remember, this is an essay about you and the reason why you should receive a scholarship.

When you sit down to write an essay, you should have blanks, sketch on paper stories related to medical care. Surely there are moments and achievements that you are proud of, write about them. Experience reinforce the facts. As you know, your essay should set you apart from other competitors. Of course, there is something that other candidates cannot brag about, so write about it.

Do not forget that if you have awards and diplomas in the field of chemistry and biology, provide their commissions. Perhaps you worked as a volunteer. This a great example. Tell as much as possible about yourself, because the commission wants to see what kind of person they trust money.

It will be appropriate if you write about your character traits that are suitable for such a profession as a nurse. But do not exaggerate, do not cross this thin line. It would help if you took this as seriously as possible, jokes aside. You will learn as much as possible about the university, which will offer you a scholarship. After all, it’s like an encouraging prize for your efforts. The history of the creation of the university, learn about it. And specify the deadline for submitting an essay so that you are not late.

💡 Essay Writing Example

I decided to connect my life with medicine and become a nurse. The principal value in any society is a healthy person. Giving people health is essential, it is more relevant than ever. It is the nurse who will support the person in the most challenging moment, give him hope for recovery. The word “sister” itself radiates heat; it sounds homely. To be needed by people is what attracts me to this profession. I want to learn more about the business of a nurse. This work, I believe, will help me in professional self-determination.

I believe: a nurse is one of the noblest professions. In the work of a nurse, I am attracted to communication with people, because every day I will learn more and more, I will participate more in their fate because they entrusted me with their health and life. People always treat health workers, especially the value and respect them.

The nurse is the person closest to the patient and the primary employee in any hospice and palliative department. The quality of life and peace of mind of a patient who faced with an incurable diagnosis depends on them. They say that the profession underestimated. And do you know why it underestimated? Because nurses themselves do not value themselves. I always say: “When you complain that the doctors do not respect you, you have not proved your professionalism. So you are not professional enough. Then you will be appreciated when you know and defend your rights, when you are interested in development, growth, change something constantly, keep up with the times. ”

In my opinion, the professions that we have are essential in their way. And the job of a nurse is necessary.

That is why I want to study at your university and receive a scholarship. I think I deserve it.

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