Formulating a personal statement of nurse practitioner

Formulating a personal statement of nurse practitioner

June 22, 2020 Nursing Personal Statement Writing 0
Formulating a personal statement of nurse practitioner

A nurse is, first of all, a person who works hard on self-culture. If you have decided to develop professionally and enroll to get the next degree of a nursing profession, you should learn to formulate a nurse practitioner’s personal statement and write a nurse practitioner essay. We offer to get acquainted with nurse practitioner personal statement examples for nursing graduate school.


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For your essay to be successful and the application process easy, you need to consider a few points: the word count, the description of career goals, the reasons for choosing the profession of a registered nurse, and many others. 

One way or another, each school has its requirements. Under these conditions, the admissions committee will evaluate your work. For example, you can read the rules on the Buffalo University School of Nursing website.

 We offer to get acquainted with nurse practitioner personal statement examples for the nursing graduate school.

📝 My name is Lisa Clinton, and I have been working as a Nurse Practitioner in the rehabilitation department of Mount Sinai Hospital in New York for four years. During this time, I gained a lot of experience and practice. 

My main work was primary care for patients in the rehabilitation department, preparing training with doctors. My responsibilities included monitoring patients’ timely medication, moving them as needed, and many other small tasks that would help our patients recover. 

Although it is a long and exhausting work, moral satisfaction is invaluable. When, after a delicate operation, a patient who was not given a chance to move without a wheelchair was able to move on his own within a year and a half of therapy, I realized that my work was not in vain. 

These and many other cases in my work inspire me and show that my work is significant and beneficial.

The great philosopher of ancient Greece, Socrates, said that a judge, teacher, and medical worker receive their gift from heaven. If an ordinary person saves someone’s life, he is considered a hero. For a nurse, rescuing someone else’s life is hard daily work.

For all the time I was in college, I have never encountered such a common phenomenon among students as a “useless” subject. All disciplines were exciting and essential to me. I always tried to apply my theoretical knowledge, so I was looking forward to the time for practical training in the hospital or at the emergency medical station.

The theory is very different from practice, where each case is unique because these are living people with their various actions and diseases. It’s time to make independent decisions. Instead of dummies – living people with their illnesses, sufferings, looking at you with hope. 

Work as a nurse requires professional competence, speed of reaction, patience, mercy. I would add one more important feature to the image of a real medical professional – a positive attitude. Without it, you can not begin any work. Otherwise, the work will only bring disappointment. 

A harmonious combination of academic literacy and personal qualities are the inherent qualities of an excellent nurse. There are sincerity, emotional culture, the ability to perceive the experiences of another person—also, responsibility for health care, a genuine understanding of one’s duty to other people.

Your institution has an impeccable reputation, which is why I chose your graduate program. For the sake of a lofty goal, I am ready to overcome difficulties. 

My plan for the near future includes the following points: to become a prospective student now, and a professional family nurse practitioner after graduation. I am convinced that your program will help me with this.

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