Help with writing a strong entrance essay to nursing school

Help with writing a strong entrance essay to nursing school

April 16, 2020 Nursing Essay Writing 0
Entrance Essay to Nursing School

✍ What Is a Strong Entrance Essay to Nursing School

Nursing professionals are at the top of most important in the world today. The rise of consciousness about healthcare continuously widens the range of contexts where nursing participation is required. More and more enthusiastic and specially-talented people are trying to get an education in this field. The best nursing schools develop new programs and want to involve the most appropriate candidates. The competition is rather high.


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A nursing entrance essay is one of the most important elements of the required application package to nursing school. It is an “evidence” why you are the best candidate for this institution and the concrete study program.

Writing your entrance essay is a process of tacking all the best from you and connecting it with the nursing profession, school, and discipline topics that you are going to study.

Entrance essay is a statement of purpose – to enter the school and to become a real professional nurse who will bring the value.

The words and phrases that you use in the entrance essay should be clear and concise, express key goals and aspirations, great motivation, willingness and ability to learn, willingness to act and achieve results, sincere understanding and interest in nursing. You will need to include the main features of character that will help you to finish the study program and to become a professional nurse. And briefly tell about key facts – who you are, what is your previous study and work experience.

🏥 Entrance Essay to Nursing School Tips

Sometimes the candidate is trying to make too many promises about his or her future actions and results. It is one of the common mistakes. In the entrance essay, you don’t need to give any promises. You need to show that you are exactly “appropriate”. Check the study program on a schools’ website and the latest publications in the school community. Read about current standards and concepts of the nursing industry. Examine the latest news and blogs on the topic. Compare if the statements you were going to include in your essay correspond to what is really important in the nursing industry today.

And (this could be very important) try to contact someone who succeeded with their application to this school in the past. It can give you more understanding of the admission committees’ requirements and expectations.

Be attentive, ask for all possible information about your future essay structure. Some schools could want you to start exactly with short self-presentation. And have some other requirements that are obligatory in the applicant’s entrance essay.

The use of storytelling in an entrance essay is popular advice. Well, I guess for the nursing profession it could be important. A story is always about real people and events. Don’t try to come up with a complicated and “large-scale” story (if it didn’t happen to you personally or someone who you are very familiar with). Tell the commission simple, honest, and exciting facts that, for example, led you to the decision to become a nurse, to the desire to enter this educational program…

When we receive requests to edit an essay of this type, we often pay attention that people try to give definitions of what is a “nurse”. It could be important to show that the future student understands the meaning of profession, but our advice is to focus more on your personal vision – “why do I want to become a nurse?”.

📑 The Main Elements of Entrance Essay to Nursing School

  • What’s most important and interesting personally for you is going on in the nursing industry?
  • What led you to the decision to apply for this nursing program in this school?
  • What are your vision and long-term goals?
  • What is your previous experience (study and work, independent education on the topic, voluntary)?
  • What are your main interests in studying with the nursing program (which topic, discipline, etc. you would like to pay attention to)?
  • What are your personal features and life-skills which could help to achieve your key goals)?
  • “Call to action”. Reasons for the admission committee should accept your application to this program.

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