Make the grade at the nursing career goals essay

Make the grade at the nursing career goals essay

March 1, 2020 Nursing Essay Writing 0
nursing career goals essay

Leaving high school, young people have to face the most difficult choice in their life: the choice of a future profession. This is definitely not a decision that can be made in a hurry by discussing it with friends or relatives. Some professions are even perceived as a vocation. For example, the profession of a nurse.

When you enroll in a nursing school or are in your first year, you will provide a lot of documents and letters of recommendation. But what you will also need is to write a career goals essay for nursing graduate school.


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✍ How to write an outstanding paper?

It is essential to understand that the career goals of nurses and other professions are somewhat different. This is not the way that will lead you to a good income. You need to be responsible and attentive. 

Nurses should understand the problems of other people, work under constant pressure, establish contacts with patients and their relatives. Nurses are both strong and sensitive. This determines your career goals, why you chose medicine.

You can’t become a good nurse if you do not understand the personal importance of this job. Here are some nursing goals:

  • nursing supervision
  • teamwork
  • preventive measures
  • primary care
  • organization of diagnostic measures, therapeutic or rehabilitation ones
  • comprehensive patient health care
  • support for the dying people
  • international nursing
  • fieldwork
  • promotion of healthy lifestyle
  • development of medical or social science
  • improvement of legislation in the nursing field

Any of these goals can be inspiring for you. In fact, when you write an essay, the specific goal is not so important. Much more important is how you present it. Write about why this is close to you, why you have chosen such guidelines, and follow this. 

Your personal thoughts and reasoning are a priority. 

There is one more useful tip for nursing programs. When you write an essay, think about who your reader is. For example, if it is an admissions committee, they want to find a student who will fit perfectly into their community. Accordingly, they want to understand that you have a plan. 

Your career goals should be combined with the opportunities that this particular school offers. For example, you cannot write about constant trips abroad when you are applying a program focused on training nurses for American hospices or some graduate program.

👌 Tips you need to write the perfect career paper

nursing career goals essay tips

If you are just thinking about the nurse profession, you can check out the nurse practitioner career goals essay sample. Schools and writing services post such texts to help other students.

Reading these papers, you will see how do other students formulate their thoughts in the nursing personal statement. It doesn’t mean that all of these samples are perfect and you can use them as a role model. Of course, you should consider them, but stay a critical thinker to divide.

Our professional authors have prepared some useful tips for your essay:

  • Decide on your career goals
  • State them clearly and directly
  • Describe your experience
  • Write what motives do you have
  • Create a small action plan 
  • Describe the difficulties and challenges you may face
  • Write what will help you achieve the expected result. 

Such an essay is often perceived not as an academic assignment, but as a time for oneself. You can reflect on your real goals, think about what you want to achieve. Some students in the process of writing such papers understand that medicine is not what they want to do. 

Or you may find that there is a sphere in the field of nursing that for some reason you were not interested in before. Write down the conclusions that come to your mind in the process of writing paper. Subsequently, you can include them in your essay, or at least seriously reflect on it. In any case, you will benefit greatly.

👓 Nursing as the best choice: Essay sample

Honestly, examples of other students are not something you should prioritize. They all have their own nursing goals. Yours may vary significantly. But you can still read some of these papers in order to understand their structure and basic principles. 

Take a look at the nursing career goals essay sample below. 

Of course, you shouldn’t copy or even paraphrase it. Such actions are considered plagiarism, the fraud. If you can’t come up with interesting ideas for a paper, it is a better idea to order the custom essay, written by an experienced medical author.

nursing career goals essay sample 1
nursing career goals essay sample 2
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nursing career goals essay sample 3
nursing career goals essay sample 4

⚓ 11 essay topics to consider

A topic is what immediately draws attention to your paper. Be concise and creative. Use one of our essay topics on career goals nursing or come up with your own:

  1. My nursing career goals for the next 25 years
  2. Nursing profession: earning or calling?
  3. Top 5 goals for a novice nurse
  4. Why should nurses plan their future?
  5. The most prospective medical fields to develop in
  6. What is important to do to achieve all of your goals?
  7. What can hinder the achievement of nursing goals?
  8. Why medicine?
  9. Is it easy to set up goals when you’re a nurse?
  10. Life-work balance of a nurse
  11. SMART nursing career goals

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You can send us a list of your career goals and an experienced author will organize them into one logical and structured text. This is what helps you get an A-grade, save time and effort.

🔎 The most popular questions about nursing career

What are the goals of a nurse?

Each professional nurse has one’s own motives for developing in the nursing field, and therefore her own goals. Here are some of them:
– Provide a high level of health care for all patients
– Develop technological skills, always keep abreast of modern opportunities
– Contribute to medical science
– To expand knowledge of medical methods
– To develop personality traits and communication skills with people
– Become a true expert in your profession

How to write ‘Why do you choose nursing as a career?’ paper?

This type of essay is often written by applicants, as well as first-year students. It is necessary for the admissions committee or professor in order to understand how each student thinks. You must understand that the profession of a nurse is not what everyone dreams of. 

Not all American nurses live in nice houses, have modern cars, travel a lot. Honestly, there are very few of them. Therefore, you must have other motives. 

When you write this essay, it is important, to be honest, and sincere. You can describe your fears, anxieties. The main thing is to show that you want to deal with them, that you see yourself as a registered nurse in the future, that you have defined some steps to make the grade.

What are the main stages of the writing process?

It is impossible to simply take a sheet of paper or open a document on your laptop. The pre-writing stage is no less important. You have to draw up an essay outline, write down a large number of goals. 

Pay attention to brainstorming. First, just write down all the possible nursing goals, even if they don’t seem interesting to you. Then you can leave the most attractive of them. 

Think about what will help you reach them, which may interfere. Then you can better organize your writing.

Is it honest to buy a nursing career essay?

Of course, it’s fair. You do not copy someone else’s paper and do not pass it off as your own. All applicants and students live under the pressure. You need someone who can have your back when you want to work, to relax, to try different other assignments from your professors. 

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Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

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