Best nursing personal statement examples for uni

Best nursing personal statement examples for uni

May 29, 2020 Nursing Personal Statement Writing 0
Nursing personal statement examples for uni

Today, there are many universities for nurses where you can apply in person. But it happens that you like a particular educational institution and getting there to study is very difficult. There are already allocated seats in advance if this is a very requested university. If you have a great desire, then make sure that your statement is noticed first of all, and it distinguishes you from hundreds and others.

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The essential part of all the documents is your statement to nurses. In addition to your assessments, the commission will pay attention to how you can tell about yourself and why you should study according to their program. It is according to the statement that they will see whether you are suitable for the role of a nurse and whether you will study hard to mow how you meet their expectations.

It is not so simple to write it so that it complies with the standards and makes an impression. For this reason, we offer our services so that you can quickly write a personal statement. We will set nursing personal statement examples for uni and explain how it should look.

📨 What a personal statement should look like

  • A personal statement must be unique. Write how you wholeheartedly love this profession, be sincere. The most losing option is the phrase, “I always wanted to be a nurse.” Avoid this. 
  • Take an example from your own experience. Write quickly so that the commissions would be exciting to read it. Professionally go to this business.
  • Write about your interests in this profession. Write stories from your personal life and why you are interested in building a career as a nurse. If you have the experience, for example, in families or from experience working as a volunteer, also include in the story.
  • And in the end, do not forget to indicate how much you are ready for a profession in the field of medicine. Do not write fictional stories, only reliable information, be honest. If you have no experience working as a volunteer, write about what motivated you to do this, and why you are so interested.

📁 Personal Statement Examples

I believe that caring for a child is a challenging profession. But I am glad that a child who cannot protect himself will need me. I want to build a career in this field. Taking care of a child is my dream.

As a child, caring for my younger sister, I realized that there was no more joy than that. Even then, I knew who I wanted to be. Baby nurse.

It inspires me that, in addition to caring for adults, you can also take care of children, it is much more difficult for them for the first time in their life. You are like a devoted mother. For the same reason, I was inspired to be a nurse, to help people when their life depends only on us.

Throughout my life, I will learn to be a nurse because this is not just a profession; for me, it is a way of life. In my opinion, I have many qualities that will help me in the future. I am communicable, caring, hardworking, reliable. 

I know how to play with a child and find an approach to it. But I want to develop further. I want to get new knowledge. You need to study science, as well as the body, what it consists of, to know all the nuances, and how to help.

I understand that work placement requires a lot of effort, as well as a lot of time, but I will gain invaluable experience. I want to take this step and get closer to my dream

👵 Personal Statement: Adult Nursing 

It all started with the fact that once I became a volunteer in a nursing home. Then I realized that I want to master the profession of a nurse. I talked and helped people aged who lacked care so much. We worked as a large team. 

There I opened up, without expecting it myself. I could help people who were scared or offended.

At university, I want to combine practice with science. After all, it is essential to know anatomy and physiology. When I become a nurse, then, of course, I will make my contribution to medicine. 

I often watch news related to health and understand that I want to help many. I know how to care for it in practice.

There may be stressful situations, but I am ready for this. The needs of people are different, although it will be difficult. I know that I can do everything possible that depends on me. It is this profession that will help to realize all my ambitions.


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