Philosophy of care as a nursing essay

Philosophy of care as a nursing essay

May 30, 2020 Philosophy of Nursing Essay 0
Philosophy of care as a nursing essay

If we talk about the philosophy of nursing, we should first focus on patient care. It’s essential to put down on paper your view on the philosophy of nursing. We offer you to get acquainted with the free example of the philosophy of care as a nursing essay.

The Greek philosopher Epicurus argued that medicine and philosophy are useless if the first does not cure the body, and the second – the soul. F. Bacon, a representative of the New Age, wrote that medicine, not based on philosophy, can not be reliable. 

💕 What is the philosophy of nursing? 

The philosophy of nursing is a part of the general philosophy and represents a system of views on the relationship between the nurse, patient, society, and the environment. You can read more about these relationships here.

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What is the role of the philosophy of nursing? Its main criterion is the spiritual value of human life. American nursing is based on performing medical manipulations, compassionate care, the nurse’s belief in the patient’s recovery (and prevention of illness), and the patient’s faith in delivering quality care and speedy recovery.

Personal philosophy of nursing establishes the essential ethical responsibilities of professionals in the service of man and society; the goals to which the professional aspires; moral qualities, virtues, and skills expected of a registered nurse.

💡 The basis of the nursing philosophy

The main principle of the philosophy of nursing – respect for human rights and dignity. Professional nursing is realized not only in the nurse’s relationship with the patient but also in cooperation with other specialists.

The nursing philosophy reflects the nurse’s attitude to its activities; It forms a holistic view of nursing practice, the role, and place of nursing staff in it.

A person needs nursing care from birth to death. The nurse, taking health care of the patient, intervenes in very personal, most intimate spheres of his life. The nurse has to keep secrets for the benefit of the patient, participate in the most complex experiments and research, and make responsible decisions in extreme situations.

All this takes place in an atmosphere of respect for the values ​​and views of the patient. That is why it is vital that the inner beliefs and moral qualities of the nurse correspond to the principle of care as a philosophy of nursing.

🏥 My philosophy of the nursing profession

In my philosophy, I prefer responsibilities. To do this, I ask myself, “How do I act?”. And here is my answer:

  • I have to be a smart, competent professional
  • I respect the patient
  • I do good
  • I keep my word
  • I cooperate
  • I am loyal

Another critical question is, “What am I striving for?”

  • to knowledge
  • to skills
  • to cooperation
  • to responsibility
  • to guardianship

Finally, to describe the philosophy of care as nursing, it should be remembered that issues of morality and deontology have been relevant at all times, especially in medicine and attention and care for the sick and needy.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

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