Write a Killing Nursing School Entrance Essay

Write a Killing Nursing School Entrance Essay

March 9, 2020 Nursing Essay Writing 0
Nursing School Entrance Essay

Studying at a nursing school is what helps you start a career in nursing or the health care field in general. This is a very important profession that requires a high level of responsibility. Nurses should have a good understanding of chemistry, biology, be able to put droppers, and do injections. But these are not the only skills that are needed. 

There are certain character traits that are inherent in some people and not characteristic of others. Therefore, when you apply for a nursing program, you should write an entrance essay for nursing school. Essays as part of the application process tell the committee even more about you than your grades.

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This is your personal statement, something that helps you stand out among other applicants. Your grades will not tell you what kind of person you are. You can study well, but this doesn’t make you a highly competitive successful nurse.

Our professional authors have prepared for you a list of tips that will help you write an amazing application and achieve the desired result. Continue reading if you’re going to make the grade!

🔖 Features of a Good Nursing School Entrance Essay

Of course, each school has its own requirements. Some want you to write a nursing school admission essay in a free form. Others ask specific questions that you must answer. As a rule, there are several aspects that are important to address in your personal statement.

🎓 Education

If you have attended chemistry, biology, first aid classes, you can write about the acquired knowledge and skills. Write how these classes helped you change your worldview and decide on a profession. Perhaps you went further, learned to understand medicines, to make injections. This is an experience that will help to present you in a favorable light.

🧢 Volunteer work

This is not a mandatory but important feature. Many people who want to go along a nursing career path, choose this profession because of their nature. Traits such as empathy, mercy, kindness are also inherent in volunteers. If you have a volunteer experience caring for children, the elderly, the homeless, animals, describe this.

👉 Working experience

If you had a nursing internship or have experience in another field, you should talk about it. But write not just about the fact of work, it is already indicated in your application. Write what new knowledge and skills you received, how this changed your worldview.

🎙️ Personal story

Life stories are what best helps to uncover a person’s personality. If you write that you are kind, describe a couple of examples that support this idea. If you think that you have overcome some difficulties, write about it too. The admission committee wants to see how you deal with the challenges, how you think, what decisions you make.

📌 Some Tips to Consider

Nursing School Entrance Essay tips

Writing the personal statement, it is essential to be attentive and concentrated. Many students understand how important this writing is, and therefore they are nervous and cannot concentrate. Our authors know several secrets that will help you succeed:

  • Choose the right information: we are sure that you can write a whole book about your life. But the admission board expects only 2-3 pages from you. Therefore, you must choose the most striking achievements and stories from life.
  • Come up with a good topic: this is the first sentence, which means it should be the most memorable.
  • Intrigue the reader from the first lines: use a good hook that will show you as a good candidate.
  • Make sure your paper is structured: read it several times to filter out unnecessary sentences and leave only relevant information.
  • Finish the essay spectacularly: the last sentence is as important as the first one. it should leave the good aftertaste. Write something convincing that will not leave any doubts about your application.

❌ Mistakes You Should Avoid

Here is a list of mistakes you should consider when writing an entrance essay for nursing school:

  • Lack of structure: no one wants to read just a piece of text without dividing it into paragraphs. If you are expressing an idea, make sure that you have finished it before moving on to the next.
  • Lack of examples: loud statements are not impressive. If you say that you are responsible, you must explain why.
  • Closeness: write honestly from the heart. Nursing requires certain personality characteristics.
  • Template and cliche: this is definitely not something that will help your paper stand out among hundreds of others.
  • Ignoring a specific program: explain why you want to study here. Show me the benefits you see at this nursing school for yourself.
  • The lack of proofing: do not think that you should send the paper once you write the last dot. Read the school application essay several times, get rid of inaccuracies, illogicalities, typos. 

It would be a nice idea to find the second pair of eyes. Ask your friend to provide you with argumentative feedback about your paper.

✏️ Sample to Consider When Writing a Personal Statement

On the one hand, you really should read a few nursing school entrance essay examples They help to understand what other applicants write about. On the other hand, someone else’s papers can distort your own perception. 

You have to create your own paper, not copy someone else’s. Therefore, we recommend that you do not overdo it. Here is a good sample nursing school entrance essay you can get inspired by:

Nursing School Entrance Essay sample
Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019
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🕘 Why Do You Need to Buy the Nursing Essay

During training at a nursing school, you will write a large number of papers. Some of them will be good and others will be bad. But your first paper, the entrance one, should be perfect. 

This is the only opportunity to impress admission officers. And if you understand that your writing skills are not enough, you can buy an essay right now. 

We will find for you an experienced author with medical education, masters, or doctoral degree. Send us your requirements and wishes and we will provide you with a paper written from scratch. This is your chance to get a place in a good nursing school!

☑️ 5 Top-Questions About the Nursing Entrance Essay

📎 How long should my nursing school entrance essay be?

It depends on your school: a general essay about your life can only take 1 page. But some schools require a whole cycle of essays with answers to different questions. In this case, the paper will take 2-3 pages. Be sure to carefully read the requirements.

📎 How should I start my essay?

You should know that the introduction is the most important part of your paper. The first few sentences should be very strong. Tell some unusual facts from your life, ask a provocative question, start with a good quote. This will help you immediately set the tone for your paper.

📎 It is obligatory to write entrance essays?

In fact, not all schools require such a personal statement. If you understand that your writing skills are not up to par, you can find a program that doesn’t require this. But all the good schools that are on the list of the best medical schools require this essay.

📎 How to format my essay?

This is another reason you cannot send the same essay to several schools. All of them have different formatting requirements. It can be MLA, APA, Harvard, or any other style. Don’t forget about these standards if you don’t want your application to be rejected. You can order editing your paper to save time.


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