Nursing school entrance essay: achieve career goals

Nursing school entrance essay: achieve career goals

May 29, 2020 Nursing Essay Writing 0
Nursing school entrance essay heading

The nurse is a very responsible and challenging profession; it requires a lot of knowledge and penchant for work. One of the points of admission to the school of nurses is to write an essay. 

It’s an excellent way to stand out and show that you deserve to be enrolled in nursing courses, and you’ll be a successful nurse. Follow some heading for the nursing school entrance essay. Your statement of purpose will play a vital role in the decision of the admission officers.

📜 Composition

Before writing an essay, think about the structure, what you want to emphasize, what you want to talk about in more detail, and what you should not write at all. There are necessary parts of the application. Experienced teachers can immediately distinguish a well-structured essay, with clear paragraphs and the opinion you seek to convey. Don’t write too much here, because the admissions committee will notice with a professional look that you have stretched the text instead of writing about yourself.


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💎 What makes you better than other candidates?

Here you need to emphasize positive traits and explain what makes you better than other applicants. It is vital to write succinctly and concisely so that the reader sees the nursing profession’s appropriate character traits. Example:

“I took first aid courses, participating in volunteer assistance from the organization “Reconciliation”. I spent three months of summer vacation in a rehabilitation center for children from a boarding school. I became very close to young patients and loved to provide children with health care. Although sometimes work took away 10 to 12 hours a day, it taught me many new things.”

📁 Examples

When writing an essay, give examples, perhaps from personal experience. This is an important component of the school application essay to assure the teachers from the admissions committee that the nurse is your vocation, and you strive to develop and improve your skills. Since this profession is directly related to working with people and their health, show that this is the kind of work you like. Example:

“My mother worked as a nurse for 30 years. That’s why, from an early age, I often watched her help others. This is what I liked most about being a nurse. 

I have repeatedly participated in volunteer assistance from our school. We helped low-income, lonely older people, and it gave me great moral satisfaction. For me, a nurse is not just a job. It is the voice of my heart.

👓 Common views

It is crucial to choose your school carefully so that the principles of study, practice, nursing programs, and views coincide with your ones. Be sure to mention this in the entrance essay for the nursing program; it will be an extra point for you in the application process, even if the overall test score is not the highest. After all, educational institutions are looking for like-minded people in their views. Example:

“I very carefully chose the institution I would like to enter. I liked your teaching policy and learning process, your principles, and the high level of professionalism achieved through hard work. I’m used to working hard and continually improving.”

An integral part of the nursing personal statement is a description of your long-term goals. Do not forget to limit the word count limit – the essay should not be extended, but on the contrary, members of the commission would like to continue reading it.

We hope our brief description and tips for the nursing school entrance essay will help you with entrance and becoming a nursing student and qualified medical professional. Also, here you can find a lot of useful information on this topic.

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