Personal goal statement for entry to nursing grad school

Personal goal statement for entry to nursing grad school

June 29, 2020 Nursing Personal Statement Writing 0
Personal goal statement for entry to nursing grad school

Over the next few minutes, you will learn not to lose the chance to enter nursing graduate school. You will read the most valuable tips and examples of school personal statements for becoming a nursing student. 

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✴️ State your intentions

  1. Remember what you learned during your practice as a nurse. Work experience has influenced you and the formulation of your nursing school personal statement for the future. How will further education help you achieve your goals?
  2. Before writing your essay, remember all the cases that affected the formation of your professional skills. Write down everything you can think of. Analyze why you have become who you are now; what character traits help you do your job.
  3. Avoid superfluously. Learn to express your opinion clearly; don’t keep the reader on a string, don’t overload your text with unnecessary words.  
  4. Make sure that you are well acquainted with the graduate program, the values of the chosen school. Are you ready to study there? Does everything suit you?

✒️ Set about a task

  • Now you can work on the text the school essay. Imagine telling your best friend why you decided to get a nursing education and take patient care while writing a personal statement.  Be honest and sincere, speak from the heart. And write everything down on paper. This is the best strategy for writing an excellent essay.
  • It is better not to write a conclusion about yourself but to allow drawing these conclusions to the selection committee.
    • ❌ Don’t write: “A good mentor encourages me to work better and more effectively.”
    • ✅ Write: “When the patient’s condition approached critically, and I felt lost, I remembered my mentor and imagined what he would do in this situation. It helped me come together and save the patient’s life.”
  • Be creative in writing style. Of course, the first things that come to mind when describing nursing work are phrases and words that we have all heard many times from others – compassion, care, kindness.  The members of the committee read it all hundreds of thousands of times. Avoid such established words and phrases. Find non-cliche.
  • Give detailed examples from your own experience. Show how your practice influenced your decision to move on. Your main task is to convince the admissions committee that you need education according to their institution’s nursing program.
  • It will not be superfluous to submit letters of recommendation to the admissions committee if you have any.

👓 Check and polish up

  1. On the first try, you are unlikely to be able to write a perfect personal goal statement for nursing graduate school example. Try to look at your work as if you were not writing it, but someone else. A fresh look will help you identify flaws and understand how you can improve personal statement for nursing school.
  2. Reading aloud will help to correct mistakes in the content and structure of the statement. Pay attention to the text literacy – even minor spelling mistakes can make a wrong impression on the members of the selection committee and complicate the application process.
  3. Give your application to read a friend or relative. They may notice what you missed.
Remember that a nurse practitioner’s personal statement can be the only chance to achieve career goals in the professional sphere. You should be fully prepare for how to write a personal statement for nursing school. Take it very seriously. The Admissions Committee will evaluate your diligence, honesty, aspiration, and adherence to professional standards in the personal assertion.

We recommend that you read the recommendations of the school you have chosen. For example, The Duke University School of Nursing has the following requirements for entrants.

Here are some statement samples for nursing graduate school:

  • I want to reach the heights of my career path and improve my skills and knowledge through practice and studying material on nursing.
  • Throughout my journey to the profession, I never built an illusion on this subject. I knew the duties of a nurse, the specifics of the work of different hospital departments, and the clinic. Therefore, when I went to work, I did not feel any disappointment, but on the contrary, the real work brought me real pleasure. 
  • In the medical profession, patient health comes first.
  • In medicine, you should not go for money; doctors’ work cannot be paid at its real value. In this profession, people go only by vocation.
  • The nurse profession is worth looking at from the other side. In the family, someone is always sick and requires care. As a future mother, it is essential to know how to care for a healthy and sick child properly.


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