Essay nursing students with a personal philosophy of nursing and incorporate various nursing theories

Essay nursing students with a personal philosophy of nursing and incorporate various nursing theories

June 18, 2020 Philosophy of Nursing Essay 0
Personal philosophy and theories of nursing

The concepts of philosophy, personal philosophy, and theories of nursing can confuse many students. But you came across the right article. In the next few minutes, you will understand each of these concepts and their interconnectedness. It also can help nursing students to write an essay about the personal philosophy of nursing and incorporate various nursing theories. 

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What is the personal philosophy of nursing? It’s a combination of what you believe in, what you invest in the concept of nursing, and what you don’t.

The theory and philosophy identify the main differences between nursing and other medical disciplines. Its primary purpose is to describe, interpret, predict, and control the achievement of professional nursing’s desired results. The theory helps students to systematize the acquired knowledge in this discipline.

The main emphasis, in theory, is made on the conditions and quality of human life, the effectiveness of patient care provided by a nurse.

There are many theories of nursing. The first of these dates back to 1860 when Florence Nightingale described nursing in her “Theory of the Environment” as “an act of using the patient’s environment to promote his recovery.” 

However, it should be noted that there is a specific conceptual model of nursing, which is based on the philosophy of health care. This concept includes four paradigms:

  • environment
  • patient
  • nursing
  • health

Each of these paradigms is described and represented by nursing theorists in various theories. And although they are present in all known theories, their interpretation and mode of interaction may differ significantly.

The philosophy of nursing care, in turn, reflects the worldview of the registered nurse concerning her practicing as a nurse, the formation of a holistic view of their work, the role and place of nursing staff in it. At the center of this worldview is a person with his biological, psychological, social, and spiritual needs. This philosophy is based on universal values ​​of ethics and morality. The main principles of the philosophy of nursing – respect and holistic care for human life, dignity, and rights of the patient. 

For a better understanding of theories and the development of a personal philosophy of nursing, we advise you to read the theory of human caring presented by Jean Watson.

So let’s take stock. According to the international agreement, the conceptual model of nursing is a structure based on the philosophy of nursing, which includes four paradigms: nursing, personality, environment, health.

The concept of personality occupies a special place in the philosophy of nursing. The object of the activity of a nurse is a patient.

The environment is considered as the most important factor affecting human life and health. It includes a combination of social, psychological, and spiritual conditions in which a person’s life proceeds. Health is considered not the absence of disease, but as a dynamic harmony of the individual with the environment, achieved through adaptation.

Nursing is a science and art aimed at solving existing problems related to human health in changing environmental conditions.

The philosophy of nursing establishes the primary ethical responsibilities of specialists in the service of man and society; goals that a professional American nurse aspires to; moral qualities, virtues, and critical thinking skills expected from practitioners.

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