The Main Things about Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper

The Main Things about Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper

June 11, 2020 Philosophy of Nursing Essay 0
Personal philosophy of nursing paper

Philosophy of nursing stems from giving optimal and competent care to communities and patients. These core values are the stepping stones for every successful nurse. No matter whether you realize it or not, many factors impact your perceptions of this necessary profession.Every person has intrinsic beliefs that play a major role in their philosophies. When you consider how to compose personal nursing philosophy paper, the first thing about what is necessary for you. Your core beliefs are a product of:

  • Healthcare professionals and patient families.
  • Interactions with patients.
  • The knowledge you got from the classroom.


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Making a definition of your philosophy gives you a deeper connection to the values and those beliefs that led you initially into the profession. It might also assist you in strengthening your skills, attitude, and knowledge.

📢 Personal philosophy of nursing definition

Being an aspiring or current nurse, you have core beliefs about the thing nursing means to you. Those beliefs influence your reactions, actions, and decisions. Since your philosophies and theories influence the choices you are making every day, it is only important to define them. Begin with your leadership styles. Some people know more about their underlying beliefs while some can get it via exercises that are described here. 

🍏 Personal philosophy of nursing for students

You deeply relate to the traits, skills, and values that you feel a nurse should embody. When you study to become a nurse, you should indicate your target of life. Your “why” will directly be related to that target.

However, are you really aware of why you search to become a nurse? When you define a personal philosophy of nursing, you should uncover what fuels the passion you have for this profession. When you understand this “why”, it will assist you in becoming emotionally and mentally connected to your work. It goes without saying that connection plays a major role in nursing. Your personal nursing philosophies might reflect your general philosophies of life. In fact, “philosophy” is one more synonym to beliefs. So what are your nursing beliefs and values? What do you believe in? Answering that, you will uncover your deeper philosophies.

😷 Personal philosophy of nursing for practicing nurses

You might feel that you are living in your philosophy each day. So why should you define it? Being a practicing nurse, you might relate to high-pressure situations, long hours, and constant flow of physically complicated work. When you develop a personal nursing philosophy and revisit it on a regular basis, it will assist you in overcoming these demands by keeping in touch with what is driving you. Throughout our lives, we often struggle to answer the question of personal sense. When you rediscover your passion for work, you will make sure that you might reach new targets and motivate other people around you. When you take time for the definition of your nursing philosophy, it will assist you in many intangible and tangible ways. When you do this exercise, it will help you avoid burnout and inspire you to do your work in the best way each day. It will also assist you in succeeding in a long-term nursing career. 

📄 How to write a personal philosophy of nursing paper?

It is a common practice for nursing students to be given an assignment to write a personal philosophy of nursing. Instructors and preceptors often hand down this task to make their students think in a creative way. It will also assist in the preparation of new nursing graduates for their initial job interviews. Nevertheless, the students might not feel they have generated a philosophy so far. This might lead to confusion for students who have become nurses yet. This task is relevant since it supposes students to think critically about their chosen profession. Every person has their own philosophy. They only need to define it. When you define your personal philosophy of nursing, answer the following questions:

  • What is nursing?
  • Why is it so necessary for me?
  • What are the things the nurse brings to our society?
  • What makes a perfect nurse?
  • What skills and qualities are necessary for nurses?
  • Which values must every nurse have?
  • What mistakes must a nurse never make?

Generating this list would prompt you to start to clarify your persona philosophy of nursing. As soon as you answer these questions, the odds you feel will be very connected to your beliefs. This will make it simpler to add them to your overall philosophy of nursing.

When you expand your personal answers into a full philosophy, you might do it through the next exercise:

  • Step 1.

    Define exactly what the nursing is meaning to you. Do not make a formal definition. Provide the answers to the questions mentioned above in explanatory sentences.

  • Step 2.

    Add one story or more which will elaborate on some of your skills, traits, and values. Describe why and how you embody them with the philosophy of nursing examples from your life.

  • Step 3.

    Discuss the way you personally intend to influence society through nursing. Some of the personal nursing examples are including use your nursing to make an impact in the home care environments and to better-unprivileged communities.

  • Step 4.

    Close by emphasizing the skills, traits, and values that are meaning the most to you. If it is possible, tie these qualities into your planned future, current, or past experiences.

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🔎 Personal philosophy of nursing paper examples:

Personal philosophy of nursing paper example 1
personal philosophy of nursing paper example 2

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📎 The final ideas…

To sum up, writing a philosophy of nursing essay might be a very complicated task because it is not easy to define your core values and beliefs fast. In other words, the time should pass before you figure out what the main qualities to be a nurse you have. Also, sometimes you need to get the idea of what your values and beliefs are from the practice directly. Therefore, writing assistance is a must for every student who wants to be a nurse within some time because sometimes it is the only way out. 

Providing holistic care, a professional nurse should have appropriate knowledge and skills. The nursing profession is the one with when philosophy is based. Health care requires nurses nursing at a very good level providing patient care. If the registered nurse fails to give quality care, the essential core of nursing is being ruined. Nursing care, according to clinical judgment, should focus on the prevention of illness too. This is all you have to know about American nursing, to sum up.

1️⃣ What is an individual philosophy of nursing?

The personal philosophy of nursing is a set of individual beliefs and core values about giving care to patients. Actually, this is a statement that outlines motivation, ethics, values, and beliefs. It covers the perspective of a nurse about patient care ethics, practice, and education. 

2️⃣ How do you begin a personal philosophy of nursing essay?

First of all, you should compose an outline, mentioning every single detail about your essay. Secondly, you will have to start writing your essay with an introduction. Make sure it contains a catchy hook and interesting thesis statement. Organize the essay carefully. Use the proper words and back up your claims. Give credit and anticipate objections. Proofread and edit the essay in the most appropriate way. 

3️⃣ What is the most appropriate definition of the personal philosophy of nursing essay?

It is a bunch of certain ideas a practicing nurse has that help him or her to take care and show compassion to the patients every day. Actually, these are statements of beliefs about expressions of values in nursing that are utilized as basics for acting and thinking. Everyone has beliefs, ideas, and values that are original and different from others. 

4️⃣ Which way do you format a personal philosophy of nursing essay?

It should be formatted according to the rules of APA formatting. First of all, define what nursing means to you, personally. Explain why being a nurse is critical to you. Introduce your traits and values with a story to elaborate on the way nursing is necessary to you. Explain, finally, the way you are planning to impact society via nursing.

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