Personal Values and Beliefs of the Nursing Profession. Essay Help

Personal Values and Beliefs of the Nursing Profession. Essay Help

May 4, 2020 Nursing Essay Writing 0
Personal Values and Beliefs of the Nursing Essay

🏥 The Background of Nursing Philosophy

Nursing is essential for human wellbeing. A nurse is a profession that has always been highly valued. The main “battle” of today is not only in the points of military conflict. It is in hospitals and homes, voluntary campaigns and global healthcare programs. The nurses’ human treatment response is about both – physical support and positive effect on the patients’ minds.

Human life is recognized as the highest value worldwide. And today, thousands of courage people are fighting for this value in the nursing field. Before starting with your personal values let’s talk about the core values of the nursing profession. Your personal values should correspond and add to what is considered to be a “nursing excellence” by the authority.


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👌 The Core Values of Nursing

When writing about values it is important to differ personal values and beliefs and the expectations of society from nursing work in general. You will need to choose the values that resonate in your thoughts and guide your actions. There are various classifications and approaches to nursing values definition. Some of the are:

The 5 core values for advanced national and global health care are social justice, human dignity, autonomy, integrity, altruism.

Some of the fundamentals for successful nursing education and practice from academic sources:

  1. Care and empathy (the willingness and ability to recognize patients’ needs and to manage their experience).
  2. Advanced communication (with patients, relatives, team members).
  3. Learning and teaching (to improve knowledge and skills, and to assist patients’ optimal health).
  4. Independence and critical thinking (the ability to make reasonable, accurate and appropriate in concrete situation decisions).
  5. Psychomotor skills (continuous practice aimed to maximize the comfort and dignity of patients).
  6. Applied therapeutics knowledge (for patient’s treatment and evaluation).
  7. Privacy and confidentiality (to protect patients’ and their relatives’ personal data, to take care of medical secrecy).
  8. Professionalism (knowledge in core subject matter, conscious actions, taking responsibility for themselves and other people who are involved in the healthcare process).
  9. Ethical and legal standards’ adherence (the Code of Ethics for Nurses and responsibility within the legal boundaries).

These values of nursing practice are the most common. However, you can always find more to expand your knowledge on the topic.

🙏 Personal Values and Beliefs in the Nursing Profession

What is the personal value? Value is a thing or action of the highest degree of importance for a person. The key aim of values is to determine our actions and approaches to do something in the best way. When writing about personal values in the nursing profession, one should create the list of all values (“my personal values are”) and rate them in order of highest importance.

How many values should I include in my essay on nursing profession?

This is one of the questions that people ask most often. – The number of values is up to you. Some ideas on how to define it are:

  • Take 3 to 5 top values from your personal rating and try to create a reasonable description to support why these values are most important for you.
  • Examine the best-recommended nursing essay samples to compare and get a fresh view on values and beliefs in the nursing profession.
  • Study the research results in trusted professional nursing web sources (most often they provide academic white papers on the topic).

Belief (in general) is the attitude that something is true or not. Beliefs are the key elements of a personal value system. Personal beliefs and values together define a personal “coordinate system” of a nursing professional.

coordinate system nursing profession

One of the purposes of this essay type is to show the deep knowledge of the nursing philosophic background, understanding of how it is implemented in nursing practice and dedication to the highest standards of health care and patients’ treatment.

🏡 The Nursing Role Through Personal Values and Beliefs

Some more important points for your essay. The nurses are patients’ advocates. The nursing work is tailored to the needs of their patients. Human dignity is very important. Regardless of the diagnosis, each patient should receive high-quality individual treatment. The nurses are health care providers. They are able to care about patients, help them to recover and prevent the deterioration of the patient’s condition (within their competencies).

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