Philosophy of graduate nursing education essay

Philosophy of graduate nursing education essay

May 27, 2020 Philosophy of Nursing Essay 0
Philosophy of graduate nursing education essay

There are several principles for the postgraduate higher education of a nurse.

  • First, first of all, the patient needs comprehensive primary care. The nurse must take care of the psychological, spiritual, physical condition of the person, this is her job.
  • Secondly, the nurse anesthetist makes sure that the external environment influences the patient well and does not harm him. This also applies to the family that comes to visit the patient. That is, to prevent the objects from affecting their development in a bad way.
  • Thirdly, take care of health care. If a person is healthy, then he is safe. The task of the nurse is to restore health completely. It is necessary to strengthen health and adhere to an optimal level of health.
  • The fourth factor is communication. It is essential to communicate with the patient, even if he does not speak, you must use the written form of communication. If the nurse will be in a good mood and respect the patient, then most of all, that he will recover.
  • And the fifth fact is a concern. The nurse cares not only about her well-being but also about the patient, as well as his family. Care is care. That is, you provide comfort.
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๐Ÿ‘‰ What is the philosophy of nurse education?

All medical university students need a good educational program. This necessary so that every student can reveal himself. The task of teachers is to teach them how to solve problems and not focus on the tasks. In addition to theory, practice is needed, it is very important that they learn from their mistakes and when they find themselves outside the university, they can show themselves to be a professional in their field.

The teacher should inspire learning, not just lecture. The teacher must be a friend so that everyone can express their opinion without fear. Ie in the class should reign understanding. There should be encouragement and prizes, so that for their old ones there would be a reward, a small game, in return having received feedback. 

Then the student not only teaches your assignments but also tries to be the best.

Pupils should not perceive teachers as the only source of knowledge; give direction to other sources of information. After all, everyone has their abilities and styles, the approach to learning is different for everyone. In order to consolidate the material you have learned, you need to conduct practicing lessons, give all the necessary equipment, and slowly do everything. Then the nurse will know where to put to her the theory that she knows in practice.  

When teaching nurses, it is essential to show that patient care should be the best, regardless of gender and status. This where philosophy lies. Layout the idea of โ€‹โ€‹patient care throughout life, thanks to modern practice. Attention should be focused on the need to accustom the patient to a healthy lifestyle.ย 

To teach the student to find the right approach to the patient, his family. I will expect good medical help from the nurse. There should be a large supply of knowledge behind me.

๐Ÿ€ Philosophy of Patient Care

It is hard work to care for the sick. The difficulty lies in the fact that the robot requires a lot of time, physical effort, as well as mental. Most believe that the work of a nurse is a very ordinary profession, where they help doctors and other medical workers, but this is not at all the case. 

Care – once again, I will repeat a separate type of profession. A good clinical nurse should love her business. On their way, before getting a diploma, they face many problems. And how much-advanced practice nurses they must go through before starting workโ€”the same thing to study for years.

When a nurse is entrusted with the care of a patient, they become a family for at least a certain period of their life. Yes, some nurses take work for granted, work for a salary. It is clear here that they do not like their profession. But others take care of the sick as a relative.

An integral part is teamwork. The nurse interacts with surgeons and other doctors. Based on this, it is worth concluding that the personal philosophy of graduate nursing essay is that each patient is a member of a family where there is a large, friendly team. Then the nurse develops herself as a person and does not stand in one place.

๐Ÿ”‘ The nurse is an integral part of the health professions

The nurse is an integral part of the health service

Patient care is a demanding nursing profession. The nurse should be universal, have a broad range of work. Recently, their work has included many responsibilities. It is difficult to overestimate the importance of quality nursing practice care for patients with a wide range of diseases. 

A good nurse possesses not only professional knowledge and skills but also qualities such as responsiveness, compassion, mercy, kindness. 

Today, taking care of a patient means a whole complex of several measures aimed at maintaining and restoring the strength of a sick person. The role of the nurse practitioner in caring for the patient is vital, as it is the nurse who is responsible for the accurate and timely implementation of medical prescriptions.

The nurse manager not only provides the patient with comprehensive care and support but also motivates him to speed up recovery, undergo rehabilitation, and further adherence to the rules of a healthy life.

Although the nurse does not treat the patient on her own, her joint teamwork with the attending physician is the key to a quick recovery of the patient, prevention of complications, and effective preventive measures.ย 

When communicating with a sick person, self-control, caution, and tact should be observed. By the nature of his activity, the nurse is often closer to the patient than the doctor, so it is her task to calm and cheer the ward, instill in his hope for the effectiveness of the treatment and a speedy recovery.

The American Nursing Organization Association defines nursing as follows: โ€œNursing educators and practicing help protect, promote, and optimize a personโ€™s health and abilities. It consists of the prevention of diseases and injuries, the alleviation of suffering through diagnosis and treatment, as well as the protection and assistance provided to individuals, families, communities, and population groups. โ€

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