Basic essay of your philosophy of nursing: principles and example

Basic essay of your philosophy of nursing: principles and example

May 29, 2020 Philosophy of Nursing Essay 0
Philosophy of nursing basic essay

Nursing practice is an extremely responsible and challenging job. Unlike a doctor, a nurse spends much more time with patients. After all, the nurse focuses mainly on the patient himself, not only on his or her illness but also on patients requiring holistic care. 

The nursing profession is, above all, a vocation, not just a job. Professional nursing requires full dedication, a lot of nursing theory knowledge, leadership style, advanced practice, and love for work.


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Therefore, a nursing student must have the appropriate inner moods and beliefs that health care is a matter of his or her life. If you are writing an essay on American philosophy of nursing, you should follow a few essential points that we would like to draw your attention to. For a clearer picture, we will give a basic essay of your philosophy of nursing as an example.

“I close my eyes and try to remember everything I know about nursing. But instead, only one childhood case comes to mind, when I fell ill with pneumonia. And I had an anaphylactic reaction to antibiotics.

The only good memory from that time is the registered nurse who fed me orange yogurt – very slowly, spoon by spoon. And I don’t remember anything about the doctors who treated me. Since then, I have realized that the most critical traits of a good nurse are unconditional kindness and patient care. Suffering and even the feeling of pain itself can be alleviated with compassion and caring nursing.

In addition to her kindness, which she radiated during each visit to me, it is worth noting that she was a beautiful practicing nurse – bandages, injections, compresses – everything was neat and very useful. I enjoyed watching her quality care, how she communicates with other patients. And I wanted to be like her.

Since then, I have a clear goal – to become a nurse. I want to help people and know that this help will be needed, that I can improve someone’s life.

Each hospital is a country, unique and independent, with its infrastructure and philosophy. And I am full of hope for my future work.

A lot depends on the nurses: the effectiveness of further treatment, the absence of complications, the patient’s attitude to recovery in general. Nursing is not only skills and abilities, but also neatness and cleanliness. Proper appearance is part of our job.

Besides, I am convinced that a good nurse is a person who must be able to work in a team and work with their colleagues. The effectiveness of doctors (or, for example, of clinical judgment) mostly depends on the qualifications and proper organization of nurses’ work, professional and human qualities – integrity, accuracy, and warmth.

“Sister” – means a native, close person who will always come to the rescue. Mercy and compassion for someone’s pain are some of the essential traits of a nurse. Attentiveness, responsibility, and diligence must be added to this. These traits are my health and nursing philosophy”.

This is just one example of basic nursing essays. You can go the other way or go back in history to the development of nursing theories, mentioning, for instance, Hildegard Peplau – the first published nursing theorist since Florence Nightingale. There is enough information about her here.

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