Sample application essay for nursing school admission from students

Sample application essay for nursing school admission from students

May 22, 2020 Nursing Essay Writing 0
Sample application essay for nursing school admission

Applying to a nursing school is a rather complicated process. We want to give you some recommendations before you start writing. When you submit documents, in addition to resumes, letters of recommendation, the commission will also review personal story applications. So it will help them learn more about you. 

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The statement will need to tell you about yourself, why you are so hot at school and why you are interested in this profession. You will reveal yourself as a person and make it clear that the commission should be expected from you, if you have suitable skills, etc. Also, when you write why you choose this particular school application essay, you will bring all the arguments, the commission will conclude whether they are suitable for you, and not just you.

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Sample application essay for nursing school admission board:

1️⃣ My mother tells me that if you want to achieve something, you need to act. I always wanted my family to be proud of me. So I made the choice that I want to be a successful nurse. I am the first in the family member who wants to connect their lives with medicine.

When I made a choice, I understood that I would have to give all this profession to myself, not only physically, but also mentally, maybe in return I will receive much less than I will, but I am confident in my choice. A nurse dramatically affects a person’s life. After all, he comes to the hospital for help, and I must voluntarily help him. For me, it is only joy.

I adhere to a healthy lifestyle because, in the future, I want to be an example for my patients on how to take care of their health care, not only giving them advice. When I graduate from the nursing school application, I want to work in a hospital where people need help very much. For example, in towns where medicine is not so developed.

I have a grandmother who is sick. All my childhood, I took care of her. And that became the meaning of my life. I believe that care can be taught, but it should come from us. 

After all, how can one work without receiving satisfaction from this? Nursing is not just a career in nursing; it is an image of life. Nurse – a profession for sensitive and courageous people
Back in high school, my favorite subjects were chemistry and biology; these subjects encouraged me to apply to nurse school. In addition to specialized knowledge, the nurse must find a common language with patients, their relatives, and support the fallen. Tact, politeness, sensitivity, attentiveness, responsibility – I possess such qualities, and I am confident that they will help me in the future.

2️⃣ A vital profession is a nurse. I want to go to a medical school after school to master this profession. We meet these kind women in white coats already in early childhood when we come with mom to the clinic for vaccination or in case of illness. 

Then you begin to understand the beauty of this work – to help people fight pain. It’s not only interesting to work as a nurse, but also tricky – patients come across different ones. 

But how nice it is to hear words of gratitude from people who helped get rid of the pain, or at least ease it, the villain. Nurses need to know a lot: the basics of biology, anatomy, the rules of massage and first aid, the action of the main groups of drugs, the appointment of medical devices, and the rules for handling them. 

The practice is also essential: the ability to painlessly inject or vaccinate, apply a bandage, and much more. No wonder the nurse used to be called the nurse of mercy – for this profession, it is so important to have a good heart, treat people with understanding and love. An important and necessary!

There are many excellent and beneficial professions in the world. When I thought about who to be in the future, the choice fell on the nurse. Nurses have a significant and vital role in the work of medical staff. The senior ones regulate the work of the team, and the younger ones carry out essential orders. 

It is the coherence of all employees, their integrity that helps doctors perform such an outstanding and dangerous job – to treat and save people. I want to be a part of the application process, I want to help people, so I choose the profession of a nurse.

A nurse is a soul, first of all. The clearest example of this is Florence Nightingale, an Englishwoman who, during the Crimean War, became the founder of the service of sisters of mercy. She led women assisting wounded soldiers. This great woman donated to create a nursing school admission essay; she is an example for me.

Childhood dream. I dreamed of becoming a nurse since childhood. My father, who works as a surgeon, also influenced me in choosing a profession. 

As a child, I went to his department and watched the work of people in white coats that alleviated the suffering of the child. I saw the results of their work on the smiling faces of young patients and the bright eyes of their mothers.

My future profession is a nurse, and I want my love for life and an unlimited desire to fight for it to return to the ward with my arrival in the profession.


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