The connection between critical thinking nursing practice and scholarship essay

The connection between critical thinking nursing practice and scholarship essay

May 7, 2020 Nursing Essay Writing 0
critical thinking nursing practice and scholarship essay

The nursing profession is very important and responsible in the healthcare sphere. It is obvious that it is not suitable for every person. Future nurses must gain certain skills during their education. They want to help other people, take care of them, look for new ways to alleviate the condition of patients. The list of important skills is not limited to this. It is very important for the nurse to think critically regardless of circumstances. You will not obtain a decent diploma without this skill.

And this is the connection between critical thinking nursing practice and scholarship essays you want to receive to complete the education. 

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When you write an essay for a nursing scholarship, you need to overcome a large number of obstacles. Identify the problem, determine the list of possible solutions, choose the most effective method for solving this problem. Nurse with critical thinking can evaluate one’s abilities and those of other students. We are ready to provide you with useful tips for developing critical thinking skills. This will help you both in the nursing career, in science, and in other areas of life.

☝ Why is critical thinking important for nursing scholarship writing?

At a nursing school, you get a large number of skills that are useful for your profession. You learn to bandage wounds flawlessly and put droppers, to make injections during the therapy.

Nurses aren’t able to decide on diagnosis, but they should have particular knowledge for this purpose. These are not something that will help you build a successful career in healthcare. Every time professional nurses work with patients, they need to make important decisions. This requires critical thinking. It helps to improve the quality of care you provide to your customers. Some of your decisions may ultimately mean life or death.

Medical internships in hospitals are no less important, which means you should start as early as possible.

If you are writing an essay for a nurse scholarship, you can show how critical thinking skills have helped you achieve certain results. Funds are usually looking for nurses who are aware of their advantages, are able to analyze the situation, draw the right conclusions from it.

📚 5 steps to develop critical thinking for nursing

steps to develop critical thinking for nursing

Learning to think critically from scratch can be difficult. But this is possible if you make some effort. The following 5 steps will help you practice this skill in your regular life.

💬 State the problem

In other words, professional nurses should know what they are looking for. It is not always as simple as it sounds. If you want to try a new diet, your desire can be dictated by various factors, for example, the hope of a quick result. But if you come to a situation with a clear idea of what exactly you want to achieve with this diet, whether it is weight loss, improved digestion, or supporting the body in good shape, this will help you critically reflect on the problem and understand whether this diet is tailored to your needs.

📥 Gather information

Having a full understanding of the problem, you will better understand what really matters. If you are trying to choose a diet that improves the digestive system, you can ask an expert for advice or look for reviews from other people. Gathering information will help professional nurses see the different options and thereby come closer to making an informed decision.

🔩 Use the information you have

When you’re faced with the need to make a decision, ask yourself: how does it work? What are the possible scenarios? Does my interpretation of information sound logical?

Imagine that you have received the message that promises you a millionth prize. It is worth considering: what forms your approach to this situation? Can you assume that this message is trustworthy? Based on the obvious facts, is it logical to think that you can win some money?

↪️ Ponder the consequences

Imagine that it is the election time. And you choose a candidate based on one’s promises to make gas cheaper for drivers. At first glance, it sounds great. But what about long-term environmental impact? If gasoline becomes available, it can cause severe air pollution in your area. These are unplanned consequences that you should think about.

👓 Explore other points of view

Ask yourself why the position of a candidate with opposing views attracts so many people? Even if you disagree with everything that one says, studying all possible points of view may explain why some strategies that do not seem attractive to you may suit others. This will help to analyze all the options, evaluate your own choices and, in the end, make an informed decision. As a nurse, you will inevitably encounter situations where there will be several solutions. It goes about not science only, but about nursing practice and healthcare as well. Not all of them will be clear to you. And it is critical thinking that will help you evaluate all points of view.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

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