What to look for in a good personal statement essay for nursing school

What to look for in a good personal statement essay for nursing school

July 1, 2020 Nursing Personal Statement Writing 0
Things the committee will look for in the personal statement

⚓ Why is the statement of purpose so important?

All high schools, regardless of specialty, strive to select the best possible students. And the higher the degree of the college, the more careful the screening. 

That is why, when entering the school of nurses, candidates must provide an admission essay. It allows you to get to know you better as a person and understand the seriousness of your intentions. After all, medicine is not just a job, it is a way of life, and if you want to be a successful nurse, you must be willing to work more than in other professions. 

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That’s why nursing school applicants are so carefully selected during the application process because not everyone can withstand many hours of work with constant stress, see how a person suffers, and at the same time, remain a professional and perform their duties. So the big question for every candidate is how to write a nursing school personal statement so to get passed through high standards of the admission committee.

🎯 No way round it!

How do you think, what to look for in a good personal statement essay to nursing school? Without it, you can’t make an excellent nursing personal statement. 

  • The Admissions Committee will welcome the nursing statement, which shows a clear structure. Write the outline: plan what you will write, where you will give examples, and what you want to highlight.
  • Admissions committees of all nursing schools pay attention to the life and work experience of each candidate. Therefore, describe your previous activities. Community service and volunteer work can become an asset. The only experience in people’s health care can make you more competitive.
  • Describe your goals as accurately as possible; it will show that you are a purposeful person who knows what you want.
  • What sets you apart from other contenders? It would help if you remembered the admissions committee: tell them an exciting and unusual personal story. What inspired you to become a nurse? 
    • Convince the commission members that the profession of a registered nurse is your vocation, not a way to earn money – patient care should come first in a career in nursing. You can get inspiration from the stories of real nurses at beforetheabstract.com
  • Write about why you should join this nursing program and obtain a nursing degree, which makes it unique for you: share your dreams, don’t be afraid to be real and look funny at times. 
    • Show the admissions committee that you have both strengths and weaknesses for the long-term training and that you are ready for introspection and self-development for becoming a nurse practitioner.
  • If you are not an excellent student, then explain why this happened, some people are willing to give a chance to a person who sincerely admits his guilt because of low learning scores rather than one who relies on circumstances and others. Moreover, even with a low rating, you can apply for a certified nurse’s assistant – although this program is paid.
Universities love students whom they see the prospect that they will one day be publicly proud of them. This is like mutually beneficial cooperation: first, the university gives a diploma as a sign of the quality of a specialist. Later, this specialist advertises the university with its professionalism. So reassure the committee members during the nursing application process that you are a good fit for them.

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