What are the four personal statement questions Duke Nursing School asks

What are the four personal statement questions Duke Nursing School asks

April 24, 2020 Nursing Personal Statement Writing 0
personal statement questions Duke Nursing School

Duke Nursing School has specific admission requirements, such as a minimum education degree, and a certain GPA of a previous accredited college. Also, it mandates to have the applicant studied relative subjects and courses prior to their admission. 


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Many applicants to Duke Nursing school are seeking help to know the questions and answers to the main questions asked during the admission interview or the application essay. Below I’ll explain and emphasize the questioned subjects, to inspire and trig some ideas that might help to answer these questions.

The DNS aim of these requisites and questions, to maximize the assurance of their students’ graduation will initially serve the healthcare management and humanity, secondly; to ensure that the graduates are fresh support to the healthcare sector of the nationwide, as well as the master degrees DNS offers for empowering the nurses in service adding all these values to the commonwealth of the nation.

🚩Education and Career Goals

Write a brief statement outlining your education and career goals, if undecided, state what you hope to gain from the college experience, what the nursing profession would fit and match in your character.

Focus on your interest in nursing education and how it can change positively the nursing practitioner role in the healthcare, as doctor nursing practices, psychology nursing, and health sciences programs nurse practitioners. And where do you find yourself among these subspecialties?

🏄 Extracurricular Activities

List activities you are involved with both on and off-campus; for example, clubs, organizations, volunteer service, and sports activities. If applicable, describe your employment experience and how many hours you work per week. Do your activities relate to your education or career objective?

👱 Other Information about yourself

Here, you will need to provide information you would like to share about yourself including accomplishments you are proud of, hardships or challenges you overcame in your life, scholarships and/or honors which you received. Most important, to state your financial need and how a scholarship will help you achieve your education goal.

Your essay for DNS admission application will be mainly to address some questions the School would like to know about their prospected nursing students and to make your application competitive, it’s necessary to answer these questionnaires precisely and briefly, considering the below:

Start early, so you have enough time to brainstorm an idea that will be enjoyable to write about. It’s very important to write about something that has either made a big impact on you that you love, or that shows your personality.

Other Information about yourself

That way, it will be less of a chore, and it will really show through if the essay is meaningful to you. Also, if you start early, you can write up the essay early enough to go back and look at it after some time, returning with a fresh new perspective. This will help a great deal.

Finally, be fully aware of all the essay topics, due dates, and any important announcements or changes, so that nothing stresses you out at the last minute. The college application process is a stressful chore, so it is best to be organized and have a good attitude from the beginning.

Furthermore, you are trying to convince the admission committee why you would fit in with the DN school. Something I found useful was to look up the mission statements of schools and demonstrate how I would fit in. For Duke Nursing School, they have a big emphasis on integrating research and education, an interdisciplinary atmosphere, and helping students develop into creative members of society. As a result, I tried to incorporate those details into my essays.

👍 Conclusion

Finally, please make sure you don’t submit essays about why you want to attend Duke Nursing School Obviously, the admission committee doesn’t smile upon that—it’s one of the reasons why you should really put any effort into making the essays for each school unique. Just as you want to stand out to the admissions committees through your essays, the admissions committees want to see how their schools stand out to you and why you should belong there.

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