What is a personal nursing philosophy statement

What is a personal nursing philosophy statement

May 14, 2020 Philosophy of Nursing Essay 0
personal nursing philosophy statement

Each person has one’s own philosophy. It defines our lives, our values, and our main principles. And of course, the personal philosophy is very important for a professional nurse. This is a structured understanding of the attitude towards the profession. 

Some people have a misunderstanding of this profession because nurses earn little and rarely build successful careers. In fact, good nurses always have a certain philosophy. They know why they have chosen this job and why they don’t leave it. Their values define all aspects of their relationship with patients.


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Many professors ask students to write an essay on beliefs about what nursing ideas you share. The first thing you need is to understand what is a personal nursing philosophy statement. It will help you to define your position and write a good essay. 

☝ Why do you need a nursing philosophy essay?

If you want to understand the reality of other people who have chosen the same way, you can find and read some personal philosophy of nursing essay examples. But don’t consider them as perfect papers you should copy. As a student, you should analyze your reality and understand what philosophy you adhere to. Your personal story matters.

This is the type of essay that allows you to express your problems, values, views on nursing problems. Philosophy embraces our deepest beliefs. Everyone has them, but it is not always easy to structure these ideas correctly. 

Therefore, this essay will help you reflect and find answers to the most important questions regarding your life, education, future career. It will be a good idea to read this paper in several years. Your views most likely will change, and it will be useful for you to understand the way you move. 

One of the first steps in developing a personal statement is to prepare a thesis statement that conveys the main idea of ​​your paper. If you are planning a nursing career, it is important for you to determine a few important points for yourself.

Why does the nurse profession seem attractive to you? What difficulties challenge you? What do you want to achieve in the future? What is your philosophy is based on? 

The answers to all these questions can be put in one sentence. 

It may be something like “The nursing profession is a desire to take care of other people” or “I believe that the nursing practice and patient care is a real vocation.” The main thing is that this thesis statement is understandable to you and has an emotional response from you.

💡 Why does nursing philosophy matter?

So, why should every nursing student have their own nursing philosophy? This is what helps determine the general direction of each of your movements. Even the most intelligent students who have good grades will not be able to become good nurses and get real pleasure from their profession if they do not understand personal philosophy.

Every time you care about a patient, you have a certain motivation for this. You understand what your goals and reasons are. Understanding your philosophy, you will also understand motivation, barriers, incentives. This understanding will help you study and build a career. There will be moments when you will be ready to give up, but your personal philosophy of nursing will not let you do that.

If you study the topic in more detail, you will find out that there are many nurses who have changed the attitude of society not only to the nursing profession but also to the healthcare sector. Each professional is a unique person with his own voice. 

Of course, American nursing programs explain the basic principles and values ​​students should have. But your personal philosophy can be formulated based on your experience, beliefs, and value. You should go through a long path of reflection in order to understand your philosophy and your place in nursing.

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