What should a personal statement for nursing school include

What should a personal statement for nursing school include

June 24, 2020 Nursing Personal Statement Writing 0
What should a personal statement for nursing school include

For those who have decided to go to college or nursing school, writing a personal statement is a necessary part of the application process and important skill.

A personal statement is not only a key document upon admission but also a way to express yourself. But to do it right the first time, you are unlikely to succeed. Don’t worry. We will help you with this task.


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After reading this article, you will learn what the admissions committee expects from you and what should a nursing personal statement include. It means that you will be one step closer to your dream of becoming a nurse practitioner.

✍ What is expected of you

To understand how to write a personal statement, imagine yourself as a member of the selection committee. You are overwhelmed by a pile of similar letters and, spending many hours reading long and tedious texts, try to find something that will touch you.

The commission expects from your clarity of opinion, strong motivation, literacy, accuracy, and facts. Therefore, this document should not be underestimated. The statement of nursing requires and demonstrates a person’s ability (or inability) to think, express thoughts, and persuade.

A personal application to the school of registered nurses should be regarded as a correspondence interview. However, in personal communication, you can use your charisma and attractiveness. But a personal statement does not give such a chance: as you write it, so you will be appreciated. Remember – you create your living image.

πŸ’ͺ What impression should a personal statement make of you

First of all, remember – when writing a personal statement, keep an open mind on yourself. Do not praise yourself, but convince the commission that the university needs a student like you. So focus on what you can give to the university. And of course, don’t forget to indicate why you need to study at this institution.

The personal statement should demonstrate the following features:

  • learning achievements
  • positive energy
  • literacy and high level of education
  • activity and diverse development
  • a sense of purpose and diligence
  • high potential in career path
  • work experience

πŸ‘ Choose the best structure for your personal statement

Each college has its requirements for admission documents. Therefore, study them. They can concern both the content of the introductory application and the design. 

However, if you follow a specific format of the document, the fact remains that a personal statement allows you to show some freedom in expressing your views. However, whichever path you choose for yourself, your text will consist of three main parts: introduction, body, and conclusions. Do not forget to specify the word count.

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However, whichever path you choose for yourself, your statement will consist of three main parts: introduction, body, and conclusions. In the presentation, introduce yourself to the members of the commission, describe your achievements. In the middle – an argument why you need a college. And finally, show the future you are waiting for after graduation.

Consider several types of essay construction.

β›³ What-why-what purpose

Start your statement with what you already know and can do and what you want to learn. Then – thoughts about why you chose this school and the nursing profession. And as a result – what are your expectations from the college program and what do you want to achieve through studying. 

β›³ I-you-we

The logic of the text is a combination of “I” and “you”. In the first part of the essay, you list your achievements and skills, then focus on the benefits of college, and finally describe how you will benefit the college.

β›³ Past-today-future

In this type of structure, the statement begins with a summary of achievements. In the middle part, describe your current goals, and ends with why you associate your future with this institution and what results you want to achieve.

βš“ What should a nursing personal statement include

What should a nursing personal statement include

Your application will have a better chance of success if you include the following points:

  • Demonstration of achievements and skills

Each of us has individual baggage of experience, knowledge, and skills. Don’t be afraid of showing these advantages to the admission committee. Your story may benefit from admission. 

  • Explain your choice of a concrete role of the nursing 

Don’t forget which degree of nursing you have chosen. If it is adult patient care – explain how you find common ground with everyone, regardless of a person’s status or character. Convince the committee of your strength and readiness to deal with difficulties. 

If you dream of a career as a children’s nurse, tell about your love for children. Such work may require a certain level of stress resistance and patience.

Caring for mentally ill people is generally a separate part of nursing. Such people often have problems with alcohol, drugs, and self-control. Health care for them is a real challenge. 

And if you choose this path, then most likely, you already have a similar experience. Be sure to mention it in your personal statement.

  • Tell your story

Remember, what was your impulse to understand the purpose of life? Why did you decide to become a nurse? Perhaps you are caring for someone with family members, and maybe you have remembered how a nurse cared for you as a child. 

Any personal story will be interesting to the reader. After all, it is unique and special.

πŸ“ Do not make mistakes

  1. A boring start. Long introduction, or even its absence.
  2. Constant repetitions. A personal statement is a chance to declare yourself as a unique person, a purposeful student with great potential.
  3. Lack of own style, use of templates, cliche, standard expressions.
  4. Boasting. Support all your statements with facts.
  5. Too long text.
  6. Grammatical, stylistic or literal errors
  7. False information. Everything you write can be verified.
  8. Don’t write ordinary stories, and don’t be extraordinary. A plain story can put your application aside. However, you should not break the neck to impress the commission. Originality should be in moderation.
  9. The incoherence of thinking. Speak concretely and specifically.

πŸ“Œ Briefly about the main thing

Briefly summarize all of the above. Include in your personal statement:

  • reasons for choosing the profession of a nurse
  • knowledge and skills that you have today
  • efforts made to achieve goals in nursing
  • what you are ready to do to advance in your future career
  • how do you imagine your career as a successful nurse
  • why did they choose this nursing school
  • how you will be useful to the college
No one is born with the ability to write personal statements. Don’t be shy to ask for help. It is better to ask for assistance from professionals than to trust fate. So, if necessary, contact the essay writing service.
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