What to Put on the Best Nursing Resume?

What to Put on the Best Nursing Resume?

June 24, 2020 Nursing Resume 0
What to Put on the Best Nursing Resume?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing jobs will grow much faster if compared with other occupations over the next ten years. It is a big plus for nursing professionals but you should not become complacent with your nursing CV. To draw the attention of the most desirable job offers, negotiate the best salary, and secure promotions, you should put your best foot forward on your CV. To learn more you might keep on reading.

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πŸ”¦ Highlight your strongest nursing credentials

Both experienced and new nurses are aware of how necessary licensure, certifications, and degrees are to professional growth and gainful employment. Often such credentials are buried at the final part of the resume.

Instead of that, pick up the reader’s interest via placing them upfront. For instance, you might place your contact information, soft skills, and work experience (years of experience) in patient care.Β 

Other ways to represent nursing credentials include:

  • Adding designations and degrees like BSN, RN, MSN, and LPN after the name. So they will appear at the top of your CV in large font. 
  • Including licensure and certifications in the qualifications summary below the Cv’s headline.
  • Moving credentials and education to the 1st page if you have a longer resume or it is of 2 pages. 

πŸ’Ž Show you are a top performer

Avoid describing nursing day-to-day duties in your job descriptions. Concentrate on your accomplishments at each internship or employer at every resume templates. You might also put your nursing award and honors in your resume format. Elaborate on the ways you went beyond and above the duty call being a registered nurse. 

Think about the ways you enhanced safety, lowered costs, streamlined processes, increased patient satisfaction, and delivered exceptional quality care, writing a cover letter so your resume stands out for hiring managers or potential employers. Both solo and team-based accomplishments are resume-worthy. Meaning, the contributions you have made being a member of the committee, task force, or care unit are all important for your resume, especially if you have a nursing license. So you might put it in your job title. 

πŸ‘“ Demonstrate that you are well-rounded

While it is necessary for nurses to have training and skills in their specialty fields, employers also look for the ones that will be appropriate for the work culture. In other words, the recruiters are looking for well-rounded candidates. For instance, you might mention in your resume about your volunteering, mentoring, and leadership experience. You should demonstrate your character and make the recruiter eager to talk to you. The nurses would rather join professional associations. they should take advantage of member resources. Networking is one of the benefits you might highlight in your resume too. 

πŸ‘” Pretend you are a recruiter

Pretend you are a recruiter

Try to think like a recruiter. Include the details that will assist them in helping you in your job search. Provide them with a brief description of employers so they will be able to align the experience you have with certain job openings. Specify the year and month to earn your degree if you are a BSN and MSN graduates. 

πŸ“ Proofread, refine, edit, and update

If you want your nursing resume to be good, you should evolve it continually. For instance, you might add any work with publications, attending conferences, and completing certificate courses. Record all the advances in your professional growth for an accurate and robust resume. 

It is also necessary to make sure your resume is spotless. Therefore, if you are writing your nursing resume, you would better ask your friend to proofread it. Another pair of eyes is important for you to have a fresh look at your resume the nursing. The best nursing resume is the one that was checked by, at least, two independent people who do not know each other. 

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