What to write for masters in nursing education personal statement

What to write for masters in nursing education personal statement

April 27, 2020 Nursing Personal Statement Writing 0
masters nursing education personal statement

🎓 Master’s Level of Nursing Application. The Difference

The writing of master personal statement has the same rules as any other application essay for nursing education. You can examine them here. For the master’s level application, you should consider the advanced things in the nursing industry to show that you are serious about staying professional.


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For the last years, the nursing role has increased and changed. This requires deeper expertise and additional knowledge. Entering a graduate level, the candidate should show the dedication to continuous progress in nursing education and practice.

Stay concrete about the nursing field you’re most interested in – the clinical nurse or nursing practitioner, the nursing administration and health management, innovations in caring patients, the research in nursing, the nursing direction (adults, labor and delivery, etc.).

If your application will be accepted by the admission committee, you have a chance to get the advanced theoretical knowledge in the wide range of clinical and non-clinical nursing topics. In your masters in nursing education essay, you need to persuade the school’s decision-makers that you really need this and you’re an appropriate candidate. In other words your personal statement for nursing school should be really attractive in eyes of the admission committee.

⌨️ Nursing Personal Statement Writing. Master’s Version

✒️ A short introduction and offering your unique story

  • When did you begin to truly appreciate the role of a nurse?
  • When and why you decided to join the nursing industry?
  • What is the advanced professional nursing role today?

👓 Education and experience

  • How your nursing education and practical training started?
  • What is your experience in the healthcare sector – did you complete a hospital internship program or had some other clinical experience at the previous level of education? What skills did you obtain during the practice?
  • Is the professional nursing the field that you really belong to? How do you know it?

🔝 “What’s next” paragraph

Looking for a greater challenge and the next step of nursing knowledge and career. Here you need to say that after obtaining your previous nursing certification and degree (provide the exact names), you have a strong and reasonable desire to increase your level and continue your nursing career. (Where? Which hospital or nursing field? What is your next long-term goal in the nursing profession?). And you’re looking forward to entering the program at this university.

⛔ Thing to Avoid in Your Master’s Personal Statement

Here we will provide the most useful practical recommendations to strengthen your master’s statement of purpose for nursing institutions.

❌ Top mistakes to avoid in the application essay

  • Do not be general and banal.
  • Do not use clichés and “everybody knows” things.
  • Do not ask for anything from the admission committee. Do not use “to get”.
  • Do not use the “very” words, emotional issues or psychobabble.
  • Avoid long and complicated sentences.
  • Delete all unnecessary words and phrases that do not add value to your essay and do not help to explain the main ideas.
  • Do not use negative statements and avoid judging someone or something.
  • Do not try to make the commission to “just like you because you’re nice”, argue that you are a worthy candidate.
  • Do not send your application with errors. Follow the rules of modern grammar and punctuation.

✔️ Top options to make a strong personal statement in nursing

options to make a personal statement in nursing
  • Use active voice and “resulting” phrases.
  • Use words that will reflect your level of knowledge and dedication to the progress in the nursing industry.
  • Use phrases and logical constructions that show your critical thinking abilities (estimate, confirm, solve, analyze, research, projects, trends, prospective, challenges, etc.).
  • Ask for the help of someone who will estimate your essay and help you to improve it.
  • Read the text out loud to check that your personal statement is well-written, clear, engaging, strong and persuasive. 

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