Why do you want to study nursing? Personal statement writing

Why do you want to study nursing? Personal statement writing

April 20, 2020 Nursing Personal Statement Writing 0
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📌 The Specifics of Applying to a Nursing Degree at University

The decision to apply for a university nursing school is a serious stage of life. If you dream of a professional nursing career, then you should do your best to prepare. The personal statement is just one element of the application package but the most important. The people who will estimate your profile documents want to be sure that a candidate has made a confident choice and is passionate to enter the program.

📄 The Personal Statement Format

Your application statement is a logically built text document of 400-600 words. No headings or styled lists. Just correctly selected phrases and words that will show you from the most beneficial side as a candidate.

Most often, we recommend to use a three-paragraph structure:

➕ Entrance statement.

Why nursing?

It is describing what has led you to the choice to become a professional nurse. It is very individual. You need to write about a strong reason, the “start point” when you realized that being a nurse is your dream and goal. Writing this paragraph, make sure that the reason is clear for people from the admission committee. And it is directly connected to your personal life story and motivation.

Some of the examples why people decided to become a nurse:

  • A person had a chance to take care of people (or someone individual) and understood that it is what he or she wants to do throughout life.
  • The potential candidate previously participated in some healthcare initiatives or voluntary programs. And opened up that to be a nurse is the right career choice.
  • A person faced a situation where he or she could observe the important role of nurses and realized that also wanted to take care of people and be useful.
  • The applicant had a strong example of a real professional nurse. And got inspired by some very important personal features and outstanding efforts.

There is no one reason to answer “Why nursing?”. But the reason should be found and included in your personal statement.

👤 Explaining the choice to apply to a nursing degree in University.

Why this nursing course
Why this nursing course?

From the previous paragraph, the admission committee understood that being a nurse is what you are passionate about. Here you need to provide personal facts that support your decision to enter this concrete nursing school. This is a logical continuation of the first paragraph. Explaining why you’re to the course you should consider the program topics: mental health, adult or children’s nursing, etc. It will help to choose the right arguments and lexis.

Here you need to show the knowledge of the nursing profession. Your current level of experience and education. And efforts you’ve already made to come closer to your goal – to become a nurse. Some candidates are looking for apprenticeships to combine the nursing study and work. Then you should explain your choice and convince that the combination of study and work is important for you, and will help you achieve better results in nursing.

⚓ Closing statement.  

Why you?

Formulate your main goal in nursing. Tell that you are confident in your ability to achieve it. Support your confidence with personal features that will help you. Tell that this university course will help you to achieve the goal.

After you finished your personal statement writing check it several times to ensure you’ve told everything most important and there are no errors in your text.

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