Why I Want to Go to Nursing School. Your Perfect Essay Plan

Why I Want to Go to Nursing School. Your Perfect Essay Plan

April 10, 2020 Nursing Essay Writing 0
I Want to Go to Nursing School essay

⚠️ Most important about “Why I Want to Go to Nursing School” essay

We highly respect your choice to become a nurse – the role of highest importance and responsibility. We prepared the list of the most important rules and elements to fulfill your essay for the admission committee successfully.

People who will read your essay do not have a chance to know you in person until you enter a nursing school. And your paper is a chance to persuade them that you are worthy to be a nurse. That the nursing industry and society, in general, will benefit when an excellent person as you are joins the profession.

An application essay to nursing school is required to answer the two most important questions:

  • Why do you want to become a nurse?
  • Why you are the best candidate to enter the nursing studying program?

The essay format is a short text. You will have just 350-500 words to persuade the nursing school committee. Each word is important! You need a strong essay idea that will reflect your dedication and great motivation. As shows our experience of helping with nursing application essay editing, the strong idea is not enough. You need to “package” it, to make clear for people who make a decision about your future studying. The admission committee people are reading hundreds of essays, and yours is “one of”. Take the time to prepare with your paper and stand out from the rest.

Follow the recommended structure when preparing your essay: introduction, main part, conclusions.

🔑 Key Elements to Include to Your Essay for Nursing School


The aim of the introduction is to provide a quick answer: why this person is going to become a nurse? It is important to interest the commission to read more. The introduction could be compared to the first impression of a live meeting. Recommended options to include: 

    1. What led you to the decision to become a nurse?
    2. Was it your dream since childhood or you had some life experience that gave you the motivation to join the nursing industry?
    3. How do you define the word “nurse”? What sense do you mean when you say “to be a nurse”?
    4. Is this decision about your real long-term goal? What is your personal motivation to be a nurse?
    5. What rewards do you want to get to be a professional nurse?

Main part

The aim of this part is to show your deep understanding of the nursing profession, your readiness to make effort to study and improve as a nurse. Recommended essay options to include:

    1. Show that you are aware of the current situation, most important trends and best standards of the nursing industry.
    2. Show that you understand the meaning and the real practice of nurses’ job – the main responsibilities and functions, expectations, etc. It is tough work, emotionally and physically. And at the same time, it is rewarding those who are really devoted.
    3. Tell the admission committee how you want to impact better healthcare, improve the nursing industry and make patients’ care more efficient.
    4. Describe your experience (for example, voluntary), skills and your level of knowledge in the nursing industry.
    5. If you don’t have and experience, tell the admission committee about your efforts towards the aim to become a nurse.


It a crucially important part of an essay. Show that you are confident about becoming a nurse. That it is your conscious decision. Describe your personal characteristics, beliefs, values, philosophy which will help you to succeed in the nursing industry. Confirm that you deserve to enter the best nursing study program.

Ensure it is what you would like to find in a potential candidate if you were a member of the admission committee. 

Special Tips

✴️ Special Tips for “Why I Want to Go to Nursing School” Essay

  • Tell a story. It could be your own or the story of a person you admire as an example of an excellent nurse.
  • Be honest about your motivation and life facts.
  • Inspire. People are always paying more attention to those who show the inspiring concept and can change the future to better.

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