Write a perfect personal philosophy of nursing essay

Write a perfect personal philosophy of nursing essay

April 16, 2020 Philosophy of Nursing Essay 0
personal philosophy of nursing essay

So, you’re going to build a successful nurse career. Have you already managed to define your personal nursing philosophy? It is very important to understand that this is not a profession that will allow you to earn money. This is a true vocation, requiring a special approach and attitude.

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Each person has his own mindset. It is our inner beliefs that determine how we work, how we relate to patients, how we carry out our work responsibilities. Our beliefs are formed throughout life and the learning process at a nursing school also makes a big contribution. This means that you can get a task from your professor to write a personal philosophy of nursing essay. We suggest delving deeper into this topic to prepare a good paper.

📝 How to write a paper about personal philosophy?

This is indeed a very common assignment among nursing students. Professors very often instruct him to help students think differently. This is also a good step for a future career, as it allows you to prepare for future interviews.

But not all students feel that they have thought out their own nursing philosophy. This is especially difficult for those who have not yet encountered practical tasks, internships.

In fact, you probably already have certain views and the mindset that defines your way. All you need is to fill out your thoughts in an essay.

  • Here are some questions that can help you deal with this issue:
  • What are the main challenges of nursing care?
  • What does this matter to me?
  • How is the nurse profession important for society?
  • What traits does a good nurse need?
  • What values ​​unite all nurses?
  • What mistakes can become critical?

By answering these questions, you can formulate your own philosophy. In addition, in the process of thinking, you can come to new questions, and therefore new answers.

👣 4 steps to write a good essay 

Thinking about the personal philosophy of a nurse is not always easy. Sometimes people just choose one or another profession because they feel that this is a matter of their life. But reflection is very useful. This is what will help you in difficult moments. Knowing why you decided to become a nurse, you can remember this when you need a reminder.

Our professional authors have prepared tips for you to help you write a good essay on this topic. Use them for A-grade and your own benefit!

✔️ Step 1. Define the concept of care

Start by understanding what nursing means to you personally. This should be not just a dictionary definition, but something more. Think what meaning you put in these words? What features do you give them?

✔️ Step 2. Tell your story

A story from your life will help make your essay more alive, real. You can use peculiar illustrations confirming that you have certain skills necessary for a nurse. Think about how you manifest your values ​​in everyday life. Does this help you with your studies?

✔️ Step 3. Write about your plans for the future

Think about how your values ​​and attitudes will help you build a successful career. Perhaps you are planning to learn home care or are planning to work in hospices. Some nurses travel the world, take care of patients in hot spots, of people with physical disorders. Which of these is close to you?

✔️ Step 4. Summarize

At the last stage, you can once again identify those skills and values ​​that are of great importance to you. If possible, relate these traits to your past or future environment. What conclusions can you draw from this? Are there any areas for improvement?


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🗂 Do you need a sample to come up with an essay?

It is a good idea to read some personal philosophy of nursing essay examples written by other students on this topic. It will work if you do not know what to write your paper about and are looking for inspiration. You can recognize yourself in the stories of other students. But don’t get carried away reading examples if you want to create something truly creative. Someone else’s thoughts can lead you astray. We have selected one sample for you:

Personal philosophy of nursing sample 1
Personal philosophy of nursing sample 2

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❓ FAQ 

1️⃣ What is the personal philosophy of nursing?

This is a way of thinking, a set of values ​​and principles related to the profession of a nurse. You must understand that this work is far from suitable for every person. Not all people are so kind, dedicated, empathetic to work with patients and help them in any conditions. But you cannot say that all nurses are the same. Each has its own motivation, its own reasons to care for patients. And this is your personal philosophy, what motivates you to work, develop, maintain a cheerful mood. Perhaps you get energy from overcoming difficulties. Or do you like grateful patients. Think about it when writing your essay.

2️⃣ How do you write a personal philosophy of a nursing paper?

You write this paper just like other student essays. It should have a structure with a brief introduction to the topic. For example, you can give a brief background on why you consider reflection important for nurses. Your next section will contain the main points and arguments, examples from life, quotes and other important information. In conclusion, you can summarize, draw conclusions, call readers or yourself to action. If you use any sources in your essay, you should quote them correctly.

3️⃣ What is a good nursing philosophy?

Honestly, one cannot say that some kind of philosophy is good, and some kind of bad. There are no universal standards regarding how you should think. Of course, in the profession of a nurse, as in any other profession, there is a certain moral and ethical code. But if you have any doubts and reflect on them, you can do it. Therefore, when you write an essay, remember that your opinion matters. It is not so important to read other papers and copy someone’s position on how to present your personal philosophy to readers. It is unique and beautiful.

4️⃣ Why is it important to have a personal nursing philosophy?

Personal philosophy and reflection are what help us live and develop. It is necessary to have something that motivates us to wake up each morning. You analyze the events in your life, your reaction to them, patterns of behavior. If you don’t know what to do in this or that situation, you can check your values and think which way is closer to you. Reflecting, you understand what your strengths and weaknesses are, how they can be applied in real life or in a profession. It also allows you to understand other people because you are thinking not only about your position but also about your patients, their needs.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019
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