Writing a nursing resume is one of the important documents

Writing a nursing resume is one of the important documents

June 15, 2020 Nursing Resume 0
nursing resume is one of the important documents

The nurse is a direct assistant to the doctor; she helps with the examination, performs the prescribed procedures associated with the treatment of the patient. When compiling your nursing resume for this position, be consistent, include all the data required for the job, your skills and abilities. The main requirement for a nurse position is secondary medical education. But several majors need additional skills; You can purchase them through specialized training or courses. Next, in summary, indicate the qualities necessary for the medical worker: empathy, attentiveness, decency, good memory, a responsible attitude to work, knowledge of standards, and legislation in medicine. The applicant tracking system is software that enables the electronic processing of hiring needs.


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A registered nursing resume is a document that defines the work skills, education, skills, and work experience of nurses and nurses. Junior medical staff can work in different departments, depending on this, the emphasis should be on the profile skills in your presentation.

Let’s figure out how to create a resume for a nurse’s vacancy correctly, and most importantly, what points should it include; find out what requirements are currently being applied to applicants. And also find out what influences the decision to accept your candidacy in a good clinical nurse or medical center. Examples of nursing in our article. And we want to help you write a resume when you do not understand how it should look. And also in our article, there are nursing resume examples, which you can read below.

๐Ÿ“‘ Nurse qualifications

There are such qualifications in the work of a nurse:

The head nurse is one of the central staff of the hospital. It is the nurse who controls the junior and middle teams. Also, she is responsible for providing all departments with the necessary drugs and materials.

The position of a procedural nurse implies conducting injections, installing droppers, and collecting patient tests.

There is such a profession as an operating nurse: she works in the operations department, tasks of which are to prepare the proper instruments for future operations. At the first instruction, during the process, she gives the tools to the surgeon when he asks for it, as well as all the necessary materials for the operation.

Physiotherapy nurse – performs therapeutic prophylactic and rehabilitation procedures prescribed by the doctor of the physiotherapy department. Prepares the equipment for work, performs its control and maintenance in good working order. One of the tasks is to make the patient care for procedures and monitor the state of their health and well-being at this time.

The main tasks of the nurse of the dental office are the implementation of medical diagnostic appointments. The nurse of the dental office reports directly to the dentist and works under his guidance. In her work, the dental office nurse is guided by this job description and other official documents.

Anesthetist nurses – perform diagnostic and treatment procedures previously prescribed by a doctor, monitor and maintain it, and support the implementation of safety procedures. Paramedic – provides first aid to all patients and victims, working as part of an ambulance group.

๐Ÿ“ฅ All you need to know about the requirements and responsibilities of a nurse

A nurse is a mid-level specialist with a minimum of primary medical education. He is obliged to fully comply with orders from his superiors and inform the doctor, in his absence, to the duty officer of the department about unpredictable complications of the patient or a sharp deterioration in his condition.

The standard responsibilities include:

  • Assessment of the initial condition of the patient.
  • Timely implementation of medical procedures, which is prescribed by the attending physician.
  • First aid or assistance.
  • I am maintaining a file cabinet, accounting hospital documentation – storage (write-off), and use of drugs.

๐Ÿ“ Requirements for employment:

  • The presence of secondary medical education
  • Knowledge of the names and purposes of drugs.
  • Methods (rules) for the disinfection of the premises.
  • Experience with intravenous injection (vaccination).
  • Basic knowledge of medical ethics and educational psychology.
  • The position requires a general educational foundation of chemistry, biology, anatomy, and botany.

Experience as a nurse is another significant plus for the candidate. This should be emphasized – to describe the functions performed as much as possible, not to forget about their achievements that took place during the work period (โ€œreceived gratitude (diploma) for diligent work,โ€ โ€œsupported the work of the therapeutic department at a high level,โ€ โ€œproposed the departmentโ€™s work subsequently approved by the management and put into practice,โ€ etc.).

If there is no work experience as a nurse, this is not a cause for despair. In this case, one should recall the practice that was completed during studies (and all students and medical students without exception practice in medical institutions).

The summary should indicate the name of the medical institution where the practical course was taken, the start and end dates of its period, and list the functions performed and acquired skills.

In any case, the lack of information about the experience of such work in the resume can be partially compensated by indicating quick learning in the section โ€œPersonal qualities.โ€

The โ€œExperienceโ€ section is the first thing that attracts the attention of the employer in the resume on the work of a nurse.


  • the detail and indicate work experience; list the achievements at the previous place of work;
  • feel free to enter the knowledge and skills gained in practice into this section.


  • We carried out a set of drugs.
  • It collected and installed droppers.
  • Make all injections of a different nature and purpose.
  • She kept the documentation.


  • She supported the activities of the department at a high level.
  • I made my contribution and gave my ideas to the team’s work, which were adopted and implemented.

๐Ÿ“‹ Professional skills

It is worth carefully and as detailed as possible to prescribe your professional skills:

  • scheduling and maintaining timesheets for the department;
  • the implementation of medical appointments (procedures);
  • control and equipment of workplaces of employees;
  • preparation and monitoring of a vaccination plan;
  • control of the correctness of medical records;
  • compliance with sanitary and epidemiological standards.

Such qualities are important in a nurse’s profession, and they need to be written in a resume:

  1. Highly developed degree of empathy, sympathy, and understanding of the patient;
  2. Good attentiveness (observation);
  3. A responsibility;
  4. Composure;
  5. Communication skills;
  6. Ability to concentrate completely;
  7. Stress resistance (restraint);
  8. Advanced motor skills and sleight of hand;
  9. And also common humanity, without which nowhere;
  10. Interpersonal skills.
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๐Ÿ“‚ Essay Writing Structure

The nursing resume objective is to describe your professional experience. Brevity is not only a “sister of talent” but also a sign of the applicant (an essential quality for the nurse). Any employer looking at hundreds of resumes (and there will be just so many of them in a standing position) will get tired of reading a too voluminous document, replete with excesses of unnecessary information. And this is already an annoying factor, which definitely will not serve the benefit of the applicant. The optimal resume size is 1โ€“1.5 pages.

Hiring managers will review your resume. In the resume, it is vital to clearly express your requirements regarding working conditions, in particular, the amount of his payment. Employers value people who know their worth, of course, within reason.

Specialists in the field of personnel recruiting recommend compiling a resume separately for each position, line of activity in which the applicant wishes to prove himself. This makes it possible to make the necessary accents in the right places, taking into account the direction’s specifics. So, the resume will turn out to be better and, accordingly, successful. You can take a look at the nursing resume template and see for yourself.

By sending a resume to a serious company or by email, you can supplement it with a cover letter. This document is intended to clarify the sender’s return address, indicate the exact name of the vacant position, the candidate is applying for it, and the way the latter obtains information about the vacancy, specify contact information.

๐Ÿ“ Nursing resume writing tips samples

Nursing resume writing tips samples

๐Ÿ”ง How to create a resume without work experience?

Writing a nursing resume is a pretty difficult process. The most crucial and challenging step is to squeak the first job. First of all, because in the absence of work experience, this can cause quite logical but not always justified fears of something new and unknown. You can start your career at any age. Most often, students with no work experience are looking for their first place to be employed. These tips are suitable for any occasion. A resume without expertise has a significant difference from other cases. The most significant when choosing a candidate for any position for the employer is his work experience. Since there is no work experience, the first efforts in compiling a resume without work experience should be directed to other sections, such as personal qualities for a resume.

๐Ÿ“Ž Nursing resume samples

Nursing resume samples

The main thing is to send a resume to all vacancies, regardless of what is written in the requirements for the candidate. Do not pay attention to the fact that you need at least one year of experience, which you still do not have – send, surprise, and do everything possible and impossible to get you.

No one will write a resume for you until you do it yourself and think through everything to the smallest detail. You can turn to someone for help. This is not shameful but correct.

I understand that you may be offended if, for the second month, no one is responding to the sent resume. But this means that you need to change something – a resume or your โ€œlife policy.โ€ Do not give up! Because surrender is simple, but not everyone can go all the way to the end.

๐Ÿ—‘๏ธ Get rid of the old

Let’s look at the best strategies you can use to review your resume, as well as what to avoid.

The best way to get rid of old stuff? When you move into a small apartment, throwing away old and unused items to make room for new ones, this is a smart approach. But this is not the best approach when it comes to your resume.

Just deleting old job records is an oversimplified approach. What for?

  • This does not take into account that what you delete is related to your future career.
  • It does not take into account how your previous posts contribute to your overall career.
  • The carefree addition of a new one draws attention to those skills and achievements that you want to emphasize.

The Right Way to Update Your Resume: Based on Your Experience. Here’s how to edit and update your resume to suit your professional background.

1. Updating your resume: for professionals with more than five years of experience. Add achievements and certificates that prove that you are a true leader and that your previous or current hospital has not made a mistake, contributing to you.

Think about the time when:

  • You helped the hospital.
  • Did you help create training materials?
  • One of your subordinates got a promotion?
  • Have you improved your team’s performance?
  • Not yet advanced? It’s time to change that.

2. With five or more years in your current job, you are out of the circle of junior employees in the field. Your resume should reflect this. Delete references to the intern’s core responsibilities. Tell us more about your achievements, especially those in which you played a significant role.

โš ๏ธ Most popular questions on how to write a nursing resume

What should be included in a nursing resume?

Nursing resume objectives show all the skills and achievements you received. Education is the most critical factor in the medical profession because life and human health depend on medical workers. A medical school is enough to include a nurse or paramedic in the CV –ย  is the presence of a completed secondary specialized medical education. But higher medical school, of course, gives the applicant more advantages in finding a job. If you took advanced training courses, also be sure to indicate this.

How do you list nursing skills on a resume?

Key Professional Skills. But universal skills that fit all sectors of nursing jobs do not exist. It is necessary to build on the requirements for vacancies, pay attention to experience, describe responsibilities and achievements. The key competencies, which are mandatory on the nurseโ€™s resume for a job. Indicate here the essential information: how did your previous post affect your soft skills and apply the acquired knowledge.

How do I update my nursing resume?

We have the day when you want to change your job or get a job, and at the same time, you want your resume to be perfect. Update of the resume: Specialists with work experience from 2 to 5 years. You had a job after college. You now have the minimum work-experience needed in most job postings so that you can upgrade your education to the end of your resume. Focus on your professional experience, rather than relying on your college education and extracurricular activities. If you want to go further, think about the time when you demonstrated your leadership, communication, and decision-making skills. This experience should not have widespread implications in your previous work. You must showcase your initiative.

What is the best way to make a nursing resume?

When compiling nursing skills for your resume, of course, you should be as truthful as possible. But still, the real state of affairs can be slightly embellished. For example, add a few advantages and keep silent about minor flaws. Of course, this does not apply to experience and education; these data will have to be documented. Literacy, accuracy, consistency in thoughts, and a single structure of the text are the criteria you should adhere to when compiling a nurseโ€™s resume. Try to state your thoughts clearly and as briefly as possible. The nurse should be organized, and if the employer notices this quality from your resume, the chances of getting the desired position will be higher. Also, imagine how many different CVs an employer has to look through every day! It is unlikely that he will be delighted with a too voluminous document, and there is an excellent chance that he will not even finish it to the end.

How do I write a nursing CV?

There are general recommendations on the content, design of the resume:

In summary, it’s quite acceptable to “embellish” the reality a bit – to keep silent about some of the shortcomings, add a few advantages (of those that in the future it will be possible to observe and confirm). However, this rule applies to a higher degree to the section “Personal qualities,” because non-existent skills are easy to verify, and work experience and education are necessarily documented. Literacy, uniform formatting of the text, and following the structure are an unambiguous sign of education, a high level of intelligence, the applicant’s accuracy, and all these qualities are essential for an employee of any profession.

How do you list nursing licenses on your resume?

In your resume, you must list the nurseโ€™s licenses, license type, license name, license status, and expiration date. If you have a license that is part of the Nurses Licensing Agreement, check this in your resume. Write the name of the certificate as the first item under the experience or training section of your resume. Include the name of the certificate and the granting organization. Write the name of the certificate first, followed by the granting organization on the next line.

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