Writing an associate’s degree in nursing on resume

Writing an associate’s degree in nursing on resume

July 3, 2020 Nursing Resume 0
associate's degree in nursing on resume

There are many various nursing degrees. For instance, there are such degrees as master’s, bachelor’s, associate’s, and doctorate. When you finish nursing high schools, there is a licensing examination. As soon as you get a nursing license, there is a certain way of how to write your degree after your name, mentioning your critical care experience in a job application.


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💡 Tips on writing the education section of your resume

Before you master the appropriate format for the associate’s degree on your CV, you should learn the chronological resume basics. In such a resume, you should start with your name and contact data, writing a resume in reverse chronological order. Then you should enter the educational background and the work experience to get more job interviews. Writing this part of resume templates, think about the way your education will assist in a certain job you are applying for when resume writing. 

Emphasize your educational background aspects which will help you with the job you apply for. Additionally, select whether to make your education part small or big.

Bigger parts are proper for individuals and students with no or little work experience. Smaller parts are proper when you want to highlight your work experience. Select the right format for your case. 

✒️ Appropriate format of entries

As soon as you plan your education section details, you should format the entries properly using the right resume format. First of all, title the part “Education” being a registered nurse. Under the title, place the degree type you obtain, what the main degree focus was, and the year. For instance, if you got an associate’s degree in nursing, the initial thing you should type is “Associate’s Degree, Nursing 2020”. 

To make the data stand out, put it in bold type. Underneath your degree, put the school name, state, and city where it is located. On the 3rd line, include data like honors, GPA, and other pertinent information.

Begin with the highest degree you might have. It is a Ph.D. in Nursing, indicating a high research level in the nursing field. There are several options for this level of education. 

Place the lowest degree in 3rd place. If you have only the associate’s degree, you should write George Clapton, ASN. This abbreviation is standing for Associate of Science in Nursing. In the vast majority of cases, a person with a master’s or bachelor’s degree forgoes to mention of the associate’s degree. In your cover letter, make all the facts clear and concise for hiring managers you may find in social media or job postings or websites. 

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