Your Guide For a Nursing School Application Essay

Your Guide For a Nursing School Application Essay

March 15, 2020 Nursing Essay Writing 0
Nursing School Application Essay

The health care sector is a priority for each country. It always needs new employees, not doctors only, but nurses as well. And if you want to develop a career in nursing, you will need a decent education.

Which aspects are up to you? You can prepare your transcripts, letters of recommendation, and pass the final tests. Many applicants say that one of the biggest challenges for them is to write an outstanding essay.


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In fact, this is a common part of any ongoing process. All colleges, universities, nursing schools want to learn more about each candidate. Thus, an application essay is not just a story about your life. This is a story about your knowledge, skills, abilities, everything that can distinguish you from hundreds of other students. 

We have prepared for you a list of useful nursing school application essay tips, an essay sample, as well as a list of mistakes that you can avoid. Leverage this information to your advantage!

✏️ What should you consider during the writing?

First of all, your personal statement must be personal. The main goal of this paper is to convince the committee that you are fully consistent with your chosen career path and specific program. Each college and university offers its own criteria. But there are a few general characteristics that will help you tell your story.

☑️ Education

Surely in high school, you loved chemistry or biology classes. Write about how this has shaped your interest in nursing. Some children try to treat animals, other children, parents. They gradually learn about what a syringe, medicine, diagnosis, surgery. 

Such stories from your childhood will show involvement in the profession, a keen interest.

☑️ Volunteering

Many novice nurses try themselves as volunteers in hospitals. If this is about you, be sure to use such information in your essay. 

  • What exactly prompted you to become a volunteer? 
  • What patients did you work with? 
  • Perhaps you helped shelters? 

If one of your letters of recommendation was written by a volunteer supervisor, you can also add this to your essay. Write how you met, interacted together. You can find some food for thought in nursing school application essay examples.

☑️ Motivation and Skills

The nurse profession is very responsible in terms of its benefits to the world. But not all people choose this path since it is characterized by a large number of difficulties. 

Why do you think this is for you? What unique skills do you have that help you achieve your goals? Can you work as a nurse practitioner for years and cope with responsibilities? Which of your life can confirm this?

💎 6 tips to impress the admission committee with your application essay 

nursing school application essay tips

1.📎 Structure your essay

Don’t think you can write all the paper right from the first to the last phrase. It is possible that you will first write a conclusion, then an introduction, etc. You can also write body paragraphs independently. 

To do this, you will need a structured essay outline. Write down everything you want to mention in the paper, and then split this information into sections.

2.📎 Be creative

The profession of nurse does not always require creativity. But the committee reads hundreds of different essays. It is yours that should become special. For inspiration, you can read The Costco Essay, which has attracted a lot of attention.

3.📎 Write about your dreams

Your personal statement should include your goals and dreams. For example, you want to help children. Or do you want to go to another country to develop medicine? The admissions committee wants to know what you expect from this program. 

Be careful, as some dreams may not be appropriate for a particular college. That means you should not write about other countries if you are applying to a program focused solely on the domestic market. But you can justify your desire and show how the program will help you.

4.📎 Show your empathy

The nurse’s job is not just to work with syringes and droppers. These specialists work around the clock with patients, take care of them, lift their spirits, and soothe them. Only very dedicated people can handle it on a daily basis. 

Show that you are such a person, give some examples from your life.

5. 📎 Explain your qualification

Remember, the nursing school admissions committee can look at your scores and academic achievements. It’s not something you have to mention again in your paper, but that doesn’t mean you just have to forget about it. 

Write not about the fact of the internship or the exam, but about the gained experience. Perhaps some of this was a challenge for you that you met. Describe your thoughts and ideas about this.

6.📎 Write about the benefits of the particular program

Most likely, you have selected several nursing programs that are the highest priority for you. Write why they interest you. For example, you know a good nurse who graduated from this program. 
Or you dream about this nursing school for years and so you want to fulfill your wish. If your reasons are a prospect and new opportunities, mention it too. The committee should understand your values ​​and priorities. Impress them with ease!

📑 Take a look at a good sample of an admission essay

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nursing school application essay sample

📝 Requirements for the nursing essay 

All schools provide their applicants with tips for an essay topic and content. Some want you to write one general paper, others provide some specific questions for several papers. Be sure to study all the requirements. 

If you miss one of them, the commission can immediately weed out your essay. This applies not only to the topic but also to restrictions on the number of words and formatting rules.

If you applied for other programs and wrote introductory essays, you will notice that the approach is slightly different. You should be a little more empathetic in your essay. Nurses should not be professional only but also dedicated and caring.

📩 Buy nursing school essay right now

If you understand that you cannot write a good personal statement or do not have time to do so, do not be discouraged. You can buy a nursing school application essay online. It will be written by an experienced author who will take into account all the recommendations of the admission board. 

Remember that this is your shared responsibility. Send your ideas and drafts to the author so that he or she can make the essay more personal. This is the kind of paper that cannot be shared, it is important to write about your experience, your stories, and examples. Also, take care of the time reserve for proofreading.

📌 Your Questions About The Nursing Application Essay

How to format a nursing school application essay?

Follow the requirements of a specific program. Be sure to pay attention to this, since different schools may provide different formatting standards.

How to answer a nursing school application essay?

Take time to think, take a piece of paper and write down all the ideas that come to your mind. You can also read some nursing school application essay samples.

How to title my nursing personal statement?

The essay title is up to you, and it is important to make it concise and informative. Titles like “My Admission Essay” sound too boring. Choose something like “My 5 Reasons to Be a Nurse”.

Should I submit my yale nursing school application essay in the double or single font?

Study the rules of the Yale program in order to find the answer to this question. They may change annually. If you do not want to deal with formatting, order the services of a professional author and send us a requirements guide.

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