The full guide to creating a philosophy of nursing essay

Philosophy of nursing essay checklist

An essay is the most common format to bring your main idea in a short, logical and argumentative manner. It seems to be simple to write one page of text, but actually it is not. And all professional writers know it. Especially when we’re writing a text on most important social topics. Nursing is that very one. The topic is always on-air in any part of the world. The people who are fighting for human lives on the front-end every day. 

When we write about the philosophy of some phenomena we need to fulfill the standards of the genre. Philosophy is about seeking wisdom through observation and critical thinking about key values, principles and concepts, conflicts, pros, cons, and better future creation. An essay format requires to show your personal main idea on the topic, argument it and bring it “from-the-beginning-to-the-end” of your philosophy of nursing essay. It also refers to your key principles and values. 


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Good news, there are some essential rules and practical tips on how to complete your philosophy of nursing essay successfully. Our editors have created the guide and checklist specially for this task. 

📝 How to write a philosophy of nursing essay. Main steps

This is what you will not find in open sources. The steps that offered below are the result of theory and practice combination, plus some latest rules from the modern writing industry.

✏️ Step of internal “audit”

Before you start writing a plan and text structure, look into yourself, delve into your current knowledge on the topic. The questions which could help with this step: What do I know about nursing in general? From where do I know about it? How I’m personally connected to the topic?… Write it down. Sometimes they call this stage an “impulsive meditation”. It is a helpful exercise to start the engine of thinking in the right direction. And the start of writing itself is the key to successful full-text creation.

✏️ Step of setting a goal of your philosophy of nursing essay

The goal of writing will define the direction and help to build a unique, interesting and relevant concept. Relevance is very important. Questions to help: My essay about the philosophy of nursing is formal or informal? Who will be the “consumer” and who will evaluate my text? What do they expect to find in my essay? What will I get if I make an excellent essay? (I will pass some exam successfully, I will get a better job, I will bring some value to inform and inspire people to pay more attention to nursing problems?… What is the goal of my philosophy of nursing essay? – From the point of the reader, myself, society, etc.

✏️ Step of core definitions

Here you will need to be very accurate and build strong and clear definitions of “nursing” (what is and primary goals), “nurses” (who are and specific features of the profession and personal character), philosophic concepts and principles of nursing you will stay on in your essay. This will provide a framework for thinking and help to focus on main things. For example, a nurse is an advocate for a patient, a reliable partner, a communicator for patients and relatives, support, an inspiration, an invisible hero on the front-end… Nursing is about high professional standards, advanced knowledge of basic and modern technologies, responsibility, the background of practical healthcare… The philosophy of nursing is about building relationships, some special values, beliefs. At this stage, you will also need to check: the theory of nursing and human caring, main concepts the authority authors and recognized professionals stick to… 

✏️ Step of building an essay structure

This is actually the plan or to-do list to achieve the goals you’ve set on step #1. The best structure is still this one: 

  • Introduction. Formulate the goal, the main task, describe the background of your essay, define conflicts and issues you are going to solve, show your personal motivation of an essay writing.
  • Short philosophy of nursing topic “profile” (theory, concepts, value, dynamics, etc.).
  • Solving key tasks, you’ve defined for your essay. Following the logic – from the general (essential) to concrete. For example, you are aiming to define key principles of nursing philosophy. Then you will need to reason why these ones and step-by-step specify the features of each principle. Or you want to show the part of nursing philosophy that does not lie on the surface. An essay format is like your personal speech – you are required to offer something new and useful on the topic. This is not necessarily a “revolution” in nursing philosophy but some fresh view that will show your reader that you are involved in the topic.
  • Conclusions. They reflect your “success” in solving the key tasks of an essay. And the core things people should realize and remember after reading your paper.
  • Sources list. If required, you need to indicate credible and authoritative sources that were used in the process of essay creation.

✏️ Revision and double-check step

Come back to the first step, check and edit if you’ve made principal changes while writing. It’s ok to rethink the topic if you really tried hard and got better than you have in mind at the beginning. 

✏️ Essay title

If the title was not set by someone who gave the task, I would advise to come up with it at the very end when you see the full picture. In the beginning, you can create a “draft-title” to guide your thought process. And change it for the better one when finishing an essay. 

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🔧 Philosophy of nursing essay tips to use safely

Philosophy of nursing essay tips

Some tips to excel in your philosophy of nursing essay:

  • Use indicative figures to support your idea. But don’t overdo with them.
  • Apply to authority people, statement documents and organizations in nursing and healthcare. 
  • Use short sentences. Avoid unnecessary words.
  • Use professional slang and terms for the philosophy of nursing.
  • Don’t be afraid to bring your own ideas. Control that they are relevant and justified.
  • Keep the core goals in mind while writing your essay.
  • A good ready essay is better than a never-finished excellent one. 
  • Do your best, always. 

↪️ Philosophy of nursing essay examples 

You can check samples of the nursing philosophy essay here and on the internet. Do not copy essays of other people to avoid the copyright and plagiarism issues. An essay sample represented on our site is a basic example of how a one-page paper about the nursing philosophy will look. 

↪️ Titles options for the philosophy of nursing essay

If the title of your essay is optional you can use the following logic to create the most appropriate one (depending on your essay goal):

  • What is the key to (what to do) understand the philosophy of nursing
  • How to increase (what) the knowledge on the philosophy of nursing
  • Why we need to (what) study, to re-think, to improve…
  • 5 Reasons why nurses are heroes 
  • 4 Principles of nursing philosophy
  • Values matter. The backstage of nursing philosophy
  • The philosophy of nursing. Practical implementation…

Use one or combine two short sentences for the most engaging title. 

↪️ How to get help with your philosophy of nursing essay?

The above checklist for key steps is a simple guide for your essay creating. Don’t have time to write, need your paper to be delivered “yesterday”, want to involve professional writers who will help you to increase the level of idea and optimum content – fill out the online form to order text about the philosophy of nursing.

✳️ Conclusions

To be short, there are some keys to complete your philosophy of nursing essay. Find the right time to start. If you are not a professional writer then consider a day to free for information study and essay writing. Built clear definitions. Indicate the main tasks and solve them in your paper. Follow the recommended structure. Focus on the main goals and ideas. Work until an essay is one holistic article. Double-check, edit but don’t to make extra-perfect. At the very beginning, set your own standard what is considered to be “good enough”. Ask for professional help if you want to improve your paper on the topic! 

📌 The most popular questions about the philosophy of nursing essay

1️⃣ What is the philosophy of nursing?

The philosophy is about basic principles, concepts, beliefs, values, and reasons which define the nurses’ attitude, behavior, and actions. Philosophy means – to see the essence and true causes of the phenomenon. Nursing philosophy should involve essential things like to care, to bring kindness, to build relations, to support, to inspire, to be responsible, to take and keep control, to be professional, to act, to safe, to value lives, to understand, etc.

2️⃣ Why is philosophy important in nursing?

Nurses are working on the front line and they deal with the most valuable things on the planet – human health and life. It is a very important social and professional role. This needs to be supported by some background which is a nursing philosophy to ensure a person can fulfill his or her role in the best possible way. 

3️⃣ How do I write my philosophy of nursing?

You can study the essay writing guide above and try to accomplish the task independently. If you feel you will need the help of a professional writer or editor – order your text here online. And we will do your essay work of high quality and in time.

4️⃣ What are the five core values of nursing?

The core values of nursing are social justice, human dignity, autonomy, integrity, altruism.

Created by potrace 1.16, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2019

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